Premier solutions for email archive migration from Centera

EMC’s ground breaking Centera storage platform was a hugely popular choice for email archive storage. The content-addressable, secure and highly available nature of the platform led to its adoption in a wide variety of industries, most notably those with the highest regulatory thresholds.

As a secure, compliant platform, any migration of email archives from EMC Centera storage must follow best practice for Chain of Custody preservation, logging, auditing and control. Quadrotech solutions fulfill all these requirements.

Quadrotech tools for Centera migration

Both Archive Shuttle and EV Storage Migrator are designed to migrate emails from Centera archives to an alternative platform.

The deciding factor on which product to use will be the nature and configuration of the Centera infrastructure. If a complex migration is being carried out, then Archive Shuttle is appropriate. If it is merely the underlying Centera platform that is being swapped out then EV Storage Migrator is the right choice. In either case scalability, speed, trust and automation are uppermost in the process.

Additionally, where high availability was part of the original infrastructure, the approach to EV high availability and disaster recovery on the new storage platform should be considered. EV near Sync provides a storage-agnostic solution for continuous availability of EV, regardless of the storage platform.