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Asset 1 Office 365 Knowledge

How to guides

List all mobile devices connected using ActiveSync on Office 365

The best way to manage mobile device connections is by reviewing a list of all that are connected to Office 365 and use this to verify that all devices are currently in use by your employees. This PowerShell script will not only enable you to pull up a list of all devices, but it also […]

Grant full access to all mailboxes in Office 365

If you need to assign your Administrator accounts full access to all users’ mailboxes in your Office 365 environment, this guide includes a step-by-step walkthrough, including: Creating a new security group for Administrators Granting this new group full access permissions to all user’s mailboxes Configuring it using PowerShell How to remove those permissions if necessary  […]

Last logon date PowerShell script for Office 365

This handy script will allow you to connect to your Office 365 tenant and collect the last logon date for all users in your organization. Extracting this information can be useful for a variety of reasons. It could allow you to see if there are any inactive users in your environment, or it can show […]

Export all email addresses from Office 365

This guide will show you how to use PowerShell to export all email addresses, including: Contacts Distribution Groups User Mailboxes Shared Mailboxes Using the step by step guide, you will be able to get all of this information into a csv file format, which can be opened or formatted in excel.

Changing the default Office 365 DirSync schedule

The default DirSync period between on-premises and Office 365 is three hours. This can be too long or inconvenient, particularly if you’re doing testing. This guide will show you how to make changes to the default settings using Windows Azure Active Directory Sync. You will be able to bring the time down significantly (the example […]

Automatically add email disclaimers in Office 365 using Transport Rules

Organizations in highly regulated industries often require all emails sent from the company to contain a specially crafted disclaimer. This guide will show you how to configure this in Office 365 using Transport Rules. We will go through the following steps: Adding a Transport Rule Creating a default disclaimer Adding different disclaimers for different users […]

List all users and their distribution group membership

Visibility into Distribution Groups is important for security purposes – you don’t want the wrong person in the wrong group, as they could end up seeing communications that they shouldn’t be able to. This guide shows you how to find this information using PowerShell and includes a script which produces a .CSV output file so […]

Querying MySQL from PowerShell

This script is ideal if you are working on MySQL and need to check results quickly. It will show you: How to install a MySQL.Net connector, if you don’t already have one. A way of doing this process within PowerShell – which is quicker than firing up a Query Browser. The entire piece of code incorporated into […]

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