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List all users and their distribution group membership

Visibility into Distribution Groups is important for security purposes – you don’t want the wrong person in the wrong group, as they could end up seeing communications that they shouldn’t be able to. This guide shows you how to find this information using PowerShell and includes a script which produces a .CSV output file so […]

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Querying MySQL from PowerShell

This script is ideal if you are working on MySQL and need to check results quickly. It will show you: How to install a MySQL.Net connector, if you don’t already have one. A way of doing this process within PowerShell – which is quicker than firing up a Query Browser. The entire piece of code incorporated into […]

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Change a user’s primary email address in Office 365

Sometimes it is necessary to change a user’s email address – perhaps if an employee gets married or simply changes their name. So how do you do this in Office 365? Find out how with this step by step guide. We will show you how to: Make sure that all mail that the user sends […]

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Shared calendars in Office 365 – an update

In this how-to guide, we explore Office 365 Groups and their shared calendar functionality. We’ll touch on: Office 365 Group features Creating a Group Utilizing the group calendar Group limitations Managing Group options If your organization needs a shared calendar, this how-to guide will outline your options, and give you best practices for using shared […]

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On-boarding new employees to Office 365

Office 365 adoption is likely to be more successful for new employees if companies have an established onboarding process for Office 365. This how-to guide covers tips for onboarding new users in the areas of: Security Training New and unfamiliar tools Share & Sync Role relevance This guide will also touch on how to measure […]

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How to integrate Microsoft Planner with Outlook

Microsoft Planner is a productivity and collaboration tool that was introduced in Summer 2016. Teams can organize their plans and the associated tasks, assign teammates and deadlines, and share updates on how a plan is progressing. This guide includes step-by-step instructions for integrating Microsoft Planner with Outlook to streamline planning and internal project management.

Asset 65

Fixing crashes and improving stability in Outlook 2016

If you’re having trouble with Outlook 2016 freezing or crashing completely, it may help to disable Graphic Hardware Acceleration. Here’s a quick look at how to disable this feature to improve the stability of Outlook 2016 in Windows 10. Get your copy of the guide now – just complete the form, and we’ll send it […]

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Create a company-wide shared calendar in SharePoint Online

A SharePoint Online shared calendar allows employees to view company-wide events, meetings, and schedules such as vacation time or project milestones, streamlining scheduling and keeping everyone up to date on relevant company activities. This how-to guide will walk you through the steps to create and set up a company-wide shared calendar using SharePoint Online. Get […]

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