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Create a company shared contacts folder

A lot of organizations need a shared contact list that is accessible to all users. A shared contacts folder can be used to store lists of client email addresses and phone numbers. This guide shows you step-by-step how to create one in Office 365. Using a public folder, this guide will show you how to: […]

Create a company shared calendar in Office 365

Many businesses require a shared calendar that is accessible by all users, perhaps to create an on-call roster or similar type of group schedule. Take a look at this how-to guide and find out how to create a Shared Calendar which will be accessible to all staff members with an Office 365 mailbox. The guide […]

Setting up DirSync between Active Directory and Office 365

If you need to set up directory synchronization between an Active Directory (on-premises) and Office 365 (Windows Azure Active Directory) then look no further. It can be a tricky process, so our 25-step guide is here to help. We will take you through each step, with handy screenshots so you can follow the process yourself […]

Send as an alias in Office 365

Unfortunately, in Microsoft Exchange 2010 and therefore Office 365, you are unable to send from any email address other than your primary one – even if you can receive email from multiple email addresses. If you have ever tried to do this, it’s likely you’ve received the following error: “You can’t send a message on […]

Script to export all mailbox sizes to CSV using PowerShell on Office 365

This PowerShell script will connect to Office 365 and export all mailbox sizes to a CSV file. A lot of people suggest running the following command: This is a pretty simple command, which will do the job, but our script offers you much more control – and as we love writing scripts we wanted to […]

Dealing with Terminated Employees in Office 365

So an employee is leaving your company. It happens all the time – no big deal. But what do we do about their Office 365 account? This guide covers all elements of the process, allowing you to handle the necessary processes quickly and securely. We’ll take you through the following steps: Changing the User’s Password […]

Connecting to Office 365 using PowerShell

The most powerful way to manage Office 365 is by using PowerShell, a command line interface that connects to Office 365 via the Internet. It may seem daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the command line, but it isn’t as hard as it looks. Download this guide and find out how to: Set up your computer […]

Archiving a mailbox for terminated users in Office 365

Microsoft have now added a feature that allows you to keep a terminated employee’s mailbox in your Office 365 cloud environment even after you have deleted their user account and freed up their licence. This is a great way to preserve mailbox content in the event that you need to recover some of their mail […]

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