What is Radar Reporting?

What is Radar Reporting?

One application, three reporting modules, 100+ reports

Powerful, detailed and highly customizable, Radar Reporting is an automated enterprise-grade reporting application for Office 365.

Use Radar Reporting to reduce spend, drive service adoption, and increase security by providing you with better insight into how your Office 365 environment is being used. The application is web-based, simple to use, secure, customizable, and performs in Office 365 environments of any scale.

Radar Reporting offers three different modules which integrate seamlessly, but also perform effectively as standalone solutions, so you only ever pay for what you need.

Radar for Office 365 delivers detailed reporting on Exchange Online and Skype for Business, including mail traffic, spam and malware, groups, security and mobile device management.

Radar for SharePoint Online makes managing even the most complex SharePoint Online environments simple. Use detailed reports to refine settings, manage permissions, and optimise storage and usage.

Radar for Security & Audit collects data on Office 365 events and user activities. The information is presented in a clear, chronological view, with advanced filtering so that you can quickly investigate and respond to potential threats or anomalous incidents.

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Getting set up is quick and easy – sign up for a free 14-day trial and see how powerful, detailed reporting can offer valuable insights for your organisation.


How secure is Radar Reporting?

We take security very seriously and have built Radar Reporting to OWASP security guidelines:

Radar Reporting runs within a Secure Private Network on the Amazon Web Services cloud, physically located in the North East of the USA. The Amazon Datacenters are protected by certified security practices.

Customer data is logically separated in our back-end databases and is only accessible by senior Administrators. User account passwords are securely encrypted and stored within our database.

User accounts can be additionally secured using Two Factor Authentication which is available to all users free of charge.

All the components of our infrastructure communicate with each other over an encrypted SSL channel.

What data is collected and how is it collected?

We collect information on Azure AD attributes, Exchange Online Mailbox Statistics, Mailbox Objects and more. A full list of the data and details we collect can be found here: https://info.quadrotech-it.com/knowledge-base/what-office-365-data-and-attributes-do-you-collect-and-store/

Can I share the reporting information with my peers?

Radar Reporting has various options for sharing data securely, including scheduled reports which are automatically emailed to your chosen recipient, publishing a dashboard, emailing and saving a report, or alerting based on specific events.

What does the Audit Timeline (in Radar for Security & Audit) do?

The Audit Timeline gathers all common security and administrative events for the workloads supported including: Azure Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive. Events include every file modified, every login attempt, every password change, every mailbox accessed – including when, where from, and who by.

How can I configure a report to show the data that I need?

Every report has multiple methods to configure the data shown, but it can vary from report to report. There is a customizable table in every reporting, where you can add or remove different data fields. Most reports have a chart, which is also fully customizable, you can change the chart type, the date range, and toggle the data points on or off.