Radar for SharePoint Online


Radar for SharePoint Online makes managing even the most complex SharePoint Online environments simple.

Our powerful, highly customizable reports show you exactly what’s happening in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, providing you with the insight you need to intelligently manage your settings, permissions, storage, and usage.

Use Radar for SharePoint Online to:

Manage your Storage

  • Prevent unnecessary costs by understanding where OneDrive, or SharePoint Online storage is being consumed, and identifying outdated or redundant items to free up space.
  • Monitor storage usage over time to understand historic trends, predict requirements, and manage how your space is allocated.

Review your Permissions

  • View all permissions across your SharePoint Online hierarchy, and quickly identify any unique, non-inherited permissions set in your SharePoint Online environment.
  • Review and audit Site Collection Administrators to ensure that the roles are assigned accurately and securely.

Audit your Settings

  • Control how your data is accessed, edited, and shared to maintain compliance with SharePoint Governance policies.
  • Avoid data loss by verifying that versioning is applied to the relevant document libraries.

Improve your Security

  • Minimize risk by knowing exactly who has administrative access to your site collections.
  • Protect your data by controlling which site collections can be accessed by external users.

Understand your Users

  • Monitor usage trends, manage adoption, and target training where it’s needed, so you’re not paying for services your users don’t need.
  • Identify inactive users for OneDrive and SharePoint Online, allowing you to reconsider, revoke, or reassign unused licences.

There are over 30 customizable, detailed reports in Radar for SharePoint Online. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Build it yourself with the Custom Report Builder

Use the Custom Report Builder to generate bespoke reports by selecting the data fields you want and applying filters to get the information you need.

Get more control over your data with Radar Reporting

  • Advanced filtering: Get the exact data you need.
  • Highly customizable: Report on any Azure AD attribute using the powerful Custom Report Builder.
  • Powerful Data Analysis: Using the Pivot Reports, and Custom Pivot tool.
  • Trend Analysis: With unlimited historical data storage.
  • Schedule, Share and Export: Leverage business intelligence from Office 365 throughout your organization, and save staff time on regular reporting needs.
  • Role based Access Control: Give the right people the right information using our sophisticated permissions settings.
  • New – Publishable Dashboards: When one or two reports isn’t enough, you can share the bigger picture with anyone who needs to see it.
  • Tenant Reports: Stay updated on any service incidents or maintenance which could affect your tenant.

Simple to set up, secure, trusted, and highly customizable. Sign up for a free 14-day trial now.