PST Flight Deck

Automated PST identification, migration and elimination

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What’s the problem with PST Files?

PSTs are offline files used by Outlook/Exchange Clients. The file format is outdated and insecure, which means they’re susceptible to data leakage, poorly protected from hackers, wide open to malware, and easily corrupted. You can’t centralize or manage them, so it’s challenging to track how many exist across the organization.

What is PST Flight Deck?

PST Flight Deck is the most advanced solution for identifying, migrating and eliminating PSTs from the enterprise. It is ideal for migration to Exchange Online, Exchange 2013, Enterprise Vault (EV), and hybrid configurations.

What does PST Flight Deck Do?

PST Flight Deck locates PSTs wherever they are, and identifies the owner. Then, the solution processes the files, ingests them into the new platform, and deletes the old PSTs. The core module of PST Flight Deck contains the business logic, and additional modules are deployed according to the migration scenario.

Using an intelligent and automated approach, PST Flight Deck can:

  • Scan local drives, attached USB devices, and network shares.
  • Run detailed reporting of PST location and size.
  • Manage user policies, interaction, notification and authorizations.
  • Offer secure, automatic centralization, with newly enhanced bandwidth control.
  • Filter, verify, and de-duplicate files, with password removal, and corruption repair.
  • Deliver rapid ingestion into the new platform, with automated elimination of old PSTs.
  • Support Microsoft Azure, on-premises, or hybrid set up.
  • Handle leaver’s PST files with terminated account workflows.
  • Enable flexible user management with profile based workflows.
  • Provide Macintosh support for both PST and OLM files.

Why should you choose PST Flight Deck?

Our advanced extraction and ingestion technologies guarantee a better migration; we can repair your corrupted PST files and migrate your data faster, all the while maintaining source data integrity.

Advanced Extraction Technology (AET)

Quadrotech’s Advanced Extraction Technology locates individual items, then examines, repairs and migrates them, removing any need for MAPI. If one data file is corrupt, AET ingests the rest, attempts to repair the corrupt item, and flags the item if it is unable to fix it. The technology ensures that as much data is extracted and ingested as possible.

Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP)

Traditional ingestion methods for Office 365 and Exchange have low performance, high bandwidth requirements, and are potentially harmful to future forensic analysis. AIP provides a massive increase in speed compared with traditional Exchange Web Services (EWS), accelerating ingestion dramatically, whilst maintaining the integrity of the source data.

Key benefits:

Find files other methods miss
Fast search and scan for devices, shares, and removable media.

Terminated account workflow
Leavers’ mailboxes are ingested automatically and then remain discoverable while the license is revoked and repurposed.

Maximize speed and save network resources
Dynamically manages speed based on user profiles and local bandwidth.

Automate standard tasks
Identifies PST users more accurately than any comparable application, removes passwords and fixes interrupted ingestions throughout the process.

Keep users working
Secure transfer with uninterrupted access. Upload and ingestion continues while Outlook is in use.

Keep users informed
Automated email communications throughout process, with web-based helpdesk built into management console.

Central management and auditing
Even in multi-site environments all actions can be run from a single admin console.

Save storage
De-duplication prevents redundant/backup PST ingestions. Filtering of old and irrelevant data saves additional space, and failed uploads are prevented.

Key features:

Powerful Office 365 capabilities
Optimized batching, reduced data sizes, and superior ingestion speeds into Office 365.

Scanning intelligence
8-factor owner analysis determines PST ownership, reducing administrative time and effort.

Active user policy management
Collect Profile technology sets different policies based on local environment, regional restrictions, platform, language, regulatory and infrastructure constraints.

Bandwidth Management v.2
Enhanced bandwidth control is now available. Bandwidth restrictions are not only assignable to a user, but also to an IP address, allowing the limit to change depending on where the computer is.

Advanced exception handling
Automated verification, repair, de-duplication and detection of empty files reduces mapping and import workload by 17 percent.

Hub/spoke configuration
Prevent the need to transfer data over corporate network, help reduce service provider bandwidth throttling, all with single console control.

Industry’s fastest ingestion for Office 365
AIP provides incredible Office 365 ingestion speeds when compared to EWS or MAPI methods.