Migrate users quickly and safely to Exchange and Office 365

Email is a mission-critical service, so it’s important that when you decide to migrate your live mail the solution you choose minimizes end user disruption, and uses intelligent automation to maintain compliance and business continuity.

What is Mailbox Shuttle?

Mailbox Shuttle is an enterprise-grade solution for migrating live email systems quickly and safely to Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365. The solution provides maximum efficiency with minimum intervention.

How does Mailbox Shuttle Work?

  • Chain of Custody and compliance best practice is followed at all times, and a full audit trail following Microsoft’s best practices is maintained at every step of the migration process.
  • Mailbox Shuttle’s sophisticated custom PowerShell scripting engine enables Mailbox Shuttle to act as a central orchestration tool for a much larger migration project.
  • Mailbox Shuttle’s propriety Sync’n’Switch technology uncouples data synchronization from user migration, guaranteeing that users are not interrupted while their email is migrated.
  • Mailbox Shuttle ensures continuous user email access, provides full checks, monitoring and reports, and is readily scalable.

Why should you choose Mailbox Shuttle?

  • You can use it to update Office 365 licensing, enable new services, call other Quadrotech migration products, or launch other custom scripts to build a workflow for your entire project.
  • If you’re migrating to Office 365, you can use Mailbox Shuttle and Archive Shuttle together. Single schedule preserves dependencies between live mail and archive with no user interruption.

The Mailbox Shuttle cloud gets you migrating in minutes. Its dedicated control module manages the migration without needing to deploy on-premises hardware. All that is required on-premises is to install a single set of modules.

Key Features:

Comprehensive planning
Extensive analysis of information helps plan the migration effectively. Automatically accounts for Exchange or Office 365 restrictions, depending on target.

Optimized for Exchange On-Premises and Office 365
Users can be migrated to Exchange on-premises, Office 365 or a hybrid of the two. Migration can be within the same organization or across Active Directory (AD) forests using Sync’n’Switch.

Transparent to users
No disruption to user productivity.

Flexible and scalable
Optimized to manage multiple thousands of users, with planning and scheduling applications ensuring best use of resources. Assignable white and black periods for migration process. These take into account mailbox migrations completed each day, together with planned migrations, allowing daily tasks to be defined.

Robust security
Full audit trail maintained, and compliance best practice followed throughout. Roles and policies can be defined to control admin access and execution of migration activities.

Robust PowerShell Scripting Engine
Powerful scripting engine allows for custom scripts to run before the migration starts, after the initial sync completes, and after the migration. Use cases include: applying or managing Office 365 licenses, enabling Skype for Business, adding additional SMTP addresses, and much more!


What can I do with the custom script engine?

If you can do it in PowerShell, we can execute it in the workflow. This removes pretty much any manual task that needs to occur during a mailbox migration. Add a user to an NT group, apply Office 365 licensing, modify SMTP addresses, enable/disable Skype for Business, and more!

Can you move the archive mailbox with the primary mailbox?

Yes! Mailbox Shuttle can automatically move both at the same time, or separately.

I need to move legacy archives, can Mailbox Shuttle move these too?

Mailbox Shuttle integrates with Archive Shuttle. This allows you to set the schedule in Mailbox Shuttle and monitor the entire migration workflow including legacy archives. (Mailbox Shuttle also integrates with PST Flight Deck for PST migrations!)

My mailboxes are big. How can Mailbox Shuttle help me move lots of users at a time?

Mailbox Shuttle allows you to pre-synchronize the data to Office 365 and then do a final minor synchronization upon switch. This allows you to pre-migrate the majority of the data and move more users in your maintenance window.

Do I need to reconfigure Outlook clients after the migration?

In the majority of configurations Outlook can use ‘Auto discover’ to redirect Outlook. This means no reconfiguration is needed!