Migrate, Consolidate or Relocate Office 365 tenants

What’s the Problem with Tenant to Tenant Migrations?

Migrations across Exchange Organizations have always been a difficult project for companies.  This is when they had full control of the servers and methodology to do so. With the explosive popularity of Office 365 this problem still exists, but there is even less control for companies to accomplish these difficult tasks.

Companies have many reasons why they would need to move data between Office 365 tenants.

  • It could be that they have grown through mergers or acquisitions.
  • It could be previous technologies dictated or required that they have multiple tenants.
  • Some companies adopt Office 365 over time and not in a centralized manner.
  • Some need to move from one region to another for compliance and regulation reasons.

Whatever the reason, having multiple tenants is highly inefficient, complex, and can be very troublesome for the end users. Migrating, consolidating or relocating Office 365 tenants might seem like a huge, complicated project, but our latest solution Cloud Commander can enable you to manage the process quickly and intelligently, minimising the disturbance to your end users and your business.

What is Cloud Commander?

Cloud Commander enables collaboration between Office 365 tenants and delivers a systematic, structured approach for migrating mailboxes between tenants. The solution provides fast data transfer of both online and archive mailboxes with excellent data fidelity, and once the migration is complete, the tool will automatically update the end user’s Outlook profile to the new mailbox, delivering a smooth end user experience. The full migration is orchestrated in a modern user interface, that’s clearly presented, and easy to use.

How Does Cloud Commander Work?

Cloud Commander runs primarily in your Microsoft Azure environment. This means that your data does not leave the confines of your environment. It allows for the update of both source and target on-premise Active Directories objects to facilitate the migration and coexistence for those in a hybrid deployment. For those who have a cloud only deployment, Cloud Commander can provide the same feature set.

Once deployed, source and target mailboxes are matched and entered into a migration wave.  These migration waves are then scheduled to move mailbox data. Once enabled for migration, Cloud Commander utilizes Quadrotech’s AIP technology to facilitate the fast transfer of data.  Once data has been migrated, mailboxes are completed or “switched”. This means that Cloud Commander will adjust Active Directory, Azure AD, or Exchange Online objects to complete the migration, and enable coexistence.  Finally, a workstation agent will be triggered to update the end user Outlook profile.

User friendly dashboard with details about your tenants and migration progress.

Key Features:

Installed in your Azure
With data privacy a concern, it is imperative to choose a migration solution that you control. Cloud Commander is deployed in your environment, so your data does not exist anywhere you don’t want it to. And additional benefit is speed – the fastest migrations are those closest to the data, and by deploying in Azure, the solution can leverage this proximity, and are able to command top speeds for your data transfer.

Fast Data Migration
Cloud Commander utilizes (Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) technology for both the export and import of data to achieve rapid data transfer rates. When AIP is combined with additional features like mailbox parallelism, batch size, and item grouping, the speed of the migration is accelerated significantly, and project completion can be achieved quicker.

Outlook Updates Automatically
The Outlook profile update agent installed on end user workstations eliminates the need for user interaction in the migration process. Once a mailbox has been selected for migration, the profile will be reconfigured programmatically, keeping end users working and reducing migration related help desk tickets.

Key Benefits:

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Tenant Consolidation
Most M&As will encounter a slowdown when there are multiple Office 365 tenants. Adding Cloud Commander to your M&A strategy will ease complications and enable a smooth transition.

Remove Complexity and Inefficiency

Multiple Office 365 tenants are an administrative burden. By consolidating tenants, you gain both administrative and end user efficiencies.

Improve End User Experience

Cloud Commander enables messaging and calendar coexistence throughout the migration process, meaning that end users are still able to collaborate during the transition. Users that have been migrated and updated to their new mailbox are still able to see the availability of pre-migrated users, and vice versa.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance
Cloud Commander facilitates the move from an Office 365 data center to more specialized regional location. For example, an organization could have mailboxes hosted in Northern Europe but need to move the tenant to Microsoft Cloud Germany – Cloud Commander can help you to handle location changes without hassle, complications or disruption.