Office 365 User Adoption

Office 365 Adoption Accelerator

Adoption Accelerator is a key pillar of the Nova platform, designed to help you boost Office 365 user adoption with granular insights to pinpoint staff who are lagging behind.

The tool enables you to build sophisticated, multi-phased email campaigns with tips and training content. Once your campaign is initiated, you can track progress and methodically refine settings as your adoption strategy kicks into action.

You can’t expect full-scale adoption of Office 365 to happen overnight. Users are human, and humans are creatures of habit, but you can influence change with data-driven campaigns to get your workforce on board with the workloads you’re paying for.


Benefits of Nova’s O365 Adoption Platform

  • Access extensive, centralized usage data from across your workloads
  • Take a targeted approach, and get more granular as campaign results emerge
  • Run multiple campaigns for different workloads and audiences simultaneously
  • Use customizable content from a specialized adoption platform
Microsoft MVP Paul Robichaux's quote on Office 365 user adoption


How can you drive Office 365 user adoption?

Office 365 User Adoption Campaign Creator

Get your users off ‘Shadow IT’ with education and encouragement. Choose your workload, identify the appropriate audience, and build a multi-phased campaign. Narrow your scope as overall adoption figures improve.

Office 365 User Adoption Campaign Creator

Want your Sales team to share OneDrive links rather than attaching documents to email? Set a specific feature/action goal, get the message out to your team, show them the benefits, then use the data to track and progress.

Office 365 User Adoption Accelerator

Reduce or eliminate the usage of workloads that are no longer relevant or required within an organization, for example, Skype for Business Online which is to be replaced by Microsoft Teams.

If you’d like to learn more about driving Office 365 user adoption throughout your organization, and discuss the full potential of Nova Office 365 management software, please contact our specialist team and tell us what you’re looking to achieve.