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What can we help you and your clients with?

Over the years, we’ve evolved alongside our partner community and customers to meet the growing and changing needs of IT, Management, and Legal & Compliance teams. Our solutions focus on four distinct areas to help organizations transition to the cloud and drive significant value from the investment once there.


Our suite of migration products transition organizations from on-premises systems to the cloud. Our technology enables you to manage the migrations of mailboxes, email archives, journals, PSTs, and Office 365 tenants.

Mailbox Shuttle

Archive Shuttle 

PST Flight Deck

Office 365 Reporting & Security

Provide clarity with actionable insights, manage change, enhance your managed service offering and build recurring revenue streams with our Nova platform. Organizations often struggle to find and display the data that’s buried within an Office 365 tenant. This data is key to providing business-critical insights for decision-making. Our reporting capabilities within Nova support our partners in driving user adoption, managing licenses, analyzing trends, assisting with security operations, whilst providing management information in human-readable and digestible formats.

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Office 365 Delegation & Policy Control

Administrators have much more flexibility with user management in on-premises systems; the same level of control is lacking in Office 365. Features such as role-based access, the delegation of administrative permissions, and automated configuration management are missing from the standard Office 365 toolkit. Quadrotech’s Office 365 management platform, Nova, gives Office 365 Administrators a way to delegate administrative functions to any user in an organization, without having to resort to scripting or creating another Global Admin.

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Wait, didn’t we already say ‘migration’? Yes, we did, but as the cloud landscape continues to grow and evolve, we’re finding that many organizations need solutions that will migrate them between cloud tenants, or in rare cases, back on-premises. When it comes to mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, they may also need a solution that combines or splits tenants, so here we are again at the start of the cycle. Our tenant to tenant migration capabilities are integrated with the Nova platform to enable more intelligent data migrations with reporting.