Office 365 migrations using Azure

Rapid archive migration using software optimized for Azure

Exchange Online’s archiving features are an attractive proposition for organizations migrating to Office 365, but provisioning dedicated equipment and bandwidth for a project can be a major obstacle. Archive Shuttle Cloud removes this hurdle by hosting the databases and the core module in Azure. This solution drastically reduces resource requirements, enabling you to achieve advanced optimized payloads that speed up projects significantly.

Quadrotech Innovation with Azure at its core

We are fully committed to supporting the drive for deep and rapid consumption of Office 365 services. Our solutions have helped hundreds of organizations gain advantage from migrating
email, archives, public folders and offline PST files to the platform.

We also have an extensive track record of providing cloud-based and remote managed services for organizations that  refer not to provision dedicated resources for Office 365 migration.

Advantages of Quadrotech’s Azure model

By combining our cloud experience with proprietary technology protocols we have developed new solutions to help organizations use the power of Azure to manage the migration process.

Azure’s ability to spin up computer resources as virtual machines in the cloud offers you speed, capacity and simplicity for your project. Once a bridgehead agent has been installed, Archive Shuttle has all the resources it needs to ensure safe, compliant archive migrations. As Azure is charged on a TB/month basis, it means there is no need to commission, pay for, and decommission on-premises resources. Quadrotech products install seamlessly, they’re easy to use, and actively minimize requirements such as having to grant universal remote desktop access.

Optimized technologies for Azure


Optimized technologies for Azure

Quadrotech’s proprietary technologies, combined with the unique properties of Azure, enable the fastest possible
migrations into Office 365. Because of the latency effect of migrating directly to Office 365, using Azure in this way can actually be quickerUnlike competitive products, Archive Shuttle does not employ complex retrofitted features to work with Azure.
It is a slick, enhanced solution built with Azure hosting in mind.
Our Highly Optimized Transport System (HOTS) is designed to combine messages from Symantec/ Veritas Enterprise Vault and other sources into the most compact payload for WAN transfer.

HOTS data blobs are around 55 percent smaller than comparable WAN traffic, making internet data transfer a viable option for those who may have been considering disk shipping.

Once in Azure, HOTS data is converted into our Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) format, and optimized for rapid ingestion by Exchange.

As the transfer can either be done over the LAN, or is able to use Microsoft’s high-speed backbone between data centers, it is able to achieve extremely fast transfer rates.

Total enterprise migration

Enterprises have a connected and dependent infrastructure in which live mailbox systems, public folders, archives, and offline PST files co-exist. Quadrotech is the only migration vendor with a single suite of proven applications for migrating the entire email ecosystem. Archive Shuttle is one part of an integrated migration framework, covering live mail, email archives, PST Files and Public Folders. Each Quadrotech solution has been designed and optimized to provide a complementary, and comprehensive solution for all aspects of Office 365 migration, and with maximum compatibility with Azure.