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Script to export all mailbox sizes to CSV using PowerShell on Office 365

This PowerShell script will connect to Office 365 and export all mailbox sizes to a CSV file. A lot of people suggest running the following command: This is a pretty simple command, which will do the job, but our script offers you much more control – and as we love writing scripts we wanted to […]

Dealing with Terminated Employees in Office 365

So an employee is leaving your company. It happens all the time – no big deal. But what do we do about their Office 365 account? This guide covers all elements of the process, allowing you to handle the necessary processes quickly and securely. We’ll take you through the following steps: Changing the User’s Password […]

Connecting to Office 365 using PowerShell

The most powerful way to manage Office 365 is by using PowerShell, a command line interface that connects to Office 365 via the Internet. It may seem daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the command line, but it isn’t as hard as it looks. Download this guide and find out how to: Set up your computer […]

Archiving a mailbox for terminated users in Office 365

Microsoft have now added a feature that allows you to keep a terminated employee’s mailbox in your Office 365 cloud environment even after you have deleted their user account and freed up their licence. This is a great way to preserve mailbox content in the event that you need to recover some of their mail […]

Allowing PowerShell scripts to execute

PowerShell Scripts allow you to automate common tasks within Windows, Microsoft applications, and of course Office 365. You can often download handy scripts written by other people off the internet for use on your own computer. Unfortunately, these scripts have the potential to be harmful, so Microsoft has protected you from this by disabling PowerShell […]

Office 365 Administrator Account Best Practice

In this article, we explain best practices for Office 365 administrators. These guidelines will help you to protect your organization and reduce the risk of falling victim to attacks that could compromise your environment. The guide will cover the following topics: Passwords Separate administrator accounts Enabling multi-factor authentication Using a separate Administrator account for PowerShell […]

Email connection filter settings in Office 365

This guide will show you how to configure and manage your organization’s email connection filter settings in the Administration Center, including: Configuring the connection filtering Modifying the default connection filter Enabling the safe list option Get your copy of the guide now – just complete the form, and we’ll send it straight to your inbox.

Office 365 Anti-Virus and Malware settings

This guide will show you how to configure and manage your organization’s anti-spam settings in the Administration Center, including: Customizing the anti-malware settings Editing the default malware policy Setting different anti-virus settings for different groups of users Get your copy of the guide now – just complete the form, and we’ll send it straight to […]

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