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Asset 1 Office 365 Knowledge


Your First Week With Teams

Following on from our popular session: Are you ready for the Teams explosion. This webinar explores the first things you need to know when planning your move into Microsoft Teams.

Video: GDPR and PST Files

PST files can be a significant risk to GDPR compliance. They are usually unmanaged, stored all over the organizational network in unmanaged and unmonitored environments, and full of data that hasn’t been audited or placed under retention policy control.

Video: Autopilot

Autopilot is a sophisticated management solution to streamline Office 365 administration. It is a SaaS application that brings the familiar ideas of hierarchical on-premises Active Directory Organizational Units and Group Policy Objects to an Office 365 tenant. Autopilot can be used to maintain compliance, complete administrative tasks, and delegate control of Office 365 to other users in an organization, with enhanced security and flexibility.

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