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Asset 1 Office 365 Knowledge


Data Migration Risk Assessment Template

Jason Jacobo, Product Owner of Quadrotech’s Archive Shuttle, outlines the questions to ask when conducting a data migration risk assessment. Download your template today, and ensure your migration project is primed for success.

How to Migrate PST Files to Office 365

Dominik Hoefling, Microsoft MVP for Apps & Services, outlines the process for a manual migration of PST files to Office 365. Learn more about the risks posed by PSTs and how problems can be mitigated by consolidating data in Office 365. Download your free guide today.

How to Manage Microsoft Teams

Greg Jones, Product Owner of Quadrotech’s market-leading Office 365 management tool, writes a must-read guide for Admins on How to Manage Microsoft Teams.

How to Improve the Security of Office 365

This how-to guide for Business Leaders, IT Admins, and Security Pros using Microsoft Office 365 contains best practices and considerations for creating and enforcing policies and processes, which will help you strengthen the overall security of your Office 365 environment.

EV Near Sync: Use Cases

If you’re looking to optimize and improve your Enterprise Vault architecture, this two-pager covers key use cases for our Enterprise Vault solution, EV Near Sync.

Enterprise Vault: Should you stay, or go?

Despite the popularity and benefits of Enterprise Vault, recent changes in the IT landscape, (towards ‘cloud-first’ IT systems, like Office 365) mean that many organizations no longer need it. Should you stay or go? This short white paper explores the benefits and limitations of each option. 

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