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Success Story: Fujitsu email archive migration and consolidation to EV

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For technology giant Fujitsu, aligning its archiving approach with best practice motivated the migration of its Australian and New Zealand email archives to a new platform. It selected Quadrotech’s Archive Shuttle for its ability to synchronize a temporary archive in the background and then switch the user according to determined rules. This ensured that both live and archived mail migrations could occur in parallel with no user downtime. Associated consulting services were provided by Quadrotech’s partner, Insentra.


  • Archive migration necessary to support Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 upgrade.
  • Migration of Australia and New Zealand archives.
  • Decommission old archive platform.


  • Quadrotech Archive Shuttle.
  • Insentra consulting services.
  • Sync’n’Switch technology.
  • Restructure Enterprise Vault.
  • Conversion of mailbox shortcuts.


  • Archive now compatible with Exchange 2010.
  • Chain of custody; integrity never compromised.
  • 99.97% item success rate.
  • Zero user disruption.

About the project

“There was a requirement for us to migrate our archived data as a part of our larger mail migration project. We were migrating from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 to give our users a better mail experience,” explains Chiara Jones, Platform Services Manager at Fujitsu Australia. “The Symantec Enterprise Vault server archiving our Exchange 2003 data needed an upgrade to align with our changing business demands.”

According to Chiara, this migration encouraged Fujitsu to rethink their archiving ability. “This mailbox migration was the perfect opportunity for us to review our archiving approach in line with best practice. We also knew that we wanted to take the load off our EV environment to better handle the number of mailboxes archived nightly. The only way to do this effectively was to migrate our existing EV archive data to three new EV servers. We went from one Vault Store to three Vault Stores with the assistance of Insentra and Quadrotech’s Archive Shuttle.”

Insentra’s migration services team was deployed to support Fujitsu during their automated email archive migration, which leveraged Quadrotech’s Archive Shuttle. The key migration requirement for Fujitsu was to ensure that their staff’s user experience was not affected while their live and archive migration occurred in parallel.

“It was important for us to implement a migration solution which could be supported. I knew that Insentra had the migration experience capable of assisting us while we moved to our new Symantec EV platform. Insentra’s knowledge, in particular on Enterprise Vault to Enterprise Vault migration, was very reassuring throughout the process,” says Chiara.


Fujitsu’s project objective of minimal user impact determined that the best project approach was to seed the data into the new EV environment ahead of time. Archive Shuttle’s “Sync’n’Switch” approach was perfect for this, as it ensured that Fujitsu’s users would still have access to their archives while both their live and archived mail was being migrated.

Once Fujitsu’s live Microsoft Exchange mailbox migration was complete for a group of users, Archive Shuttle “Sync’n’Switch” was used to “switch” users to complete the archive migration to the new Symantec EV environment. The automatic conversion of mailbox shortcuts and decommissioning the old EV archive platform formed the final part of the workflow.

“Once the project approach was finalized and agreed upon it all ran like clockwork,” says Chiara.” “Insentra’s migration services team was quick and thorough in answering our questions. They also educated us on the best practice processes to maximize the speed of our migration.”

“Quadrotech’s Archive Shuttle has a strong standing in the EV partner community and could deliver to our project needs. It was definitely the right pick for its speed and ability to migrate in the background well before our Exchange mailbox migration,” adds Chiara.


Without affecting the user experience Fujitsu was able to successfully migrate the existing Symantec EV environment to the new their new Symantec EV platform. With a data migration success rate over 99.97%, the integrity of the Fujitsu data was never compromised.

According to Chiara: “This was a hugely successful project as we did not have any user interruptions when the data was being moved. Knowing that there had been no disruption made our lives a lot easier.

“Our users didn’t even know that we had a migration project running or that their archives are now hosted on new EV servers. All users now have access to Vault Cache and Virtual Vault which were limited in the original environment. Overall this project was a big win.”

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