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Success Story: Fresca Group – Enterprise Vault to Microsoft Office 365 Migration


Industry: Food Production
Headquarters: Paddock Wood, Kent, UK
Company Size: 1000+ employees

Fresca Group is the largest privately-owned supplier of fruit and vegetables in the UK, and a parent and holding company for a mix of wholly-owned and joint venture trading businesses. Through this ever-expanding group of companies, they source, supply, prepare, pack and deliver the finest quality fresh produce to customers all over the UK. The company continues to grow as they embrace joint-venture businesses and create fresh opportunities to develop the fresh produce market in the UK and beyond.


Fresca Group had been utilizing a third-party archive tool, Enterprise Vault, since 2007 as they originally wanted to reduce the mailbox data size in Exchange. As part of a transition to a cloud-based IT strategy, in 2015 they purchased Office 365 and migrated their on-premises Exchange environment. But with mailbox sizes increasing to 100GB per mailbox, they wanted to reduce their on-premises footprint and put all mail back under one umbrella.

Key challenges with EV:

• Maintenance costs
• Ongoing server maintenance
• Size of vaults for upgrades
• Outlook client issues with add-in

Fresca Group decided to migrate their archive data back into the user mailboxes in Office 365, and they had a target timeline of just one month to migrate 4TB of data.


  • 4TB Enterprise Vault to Office 365
  • Fully Managed Migration Service from Quadrotech

After searching online for an Enterprise Vault to Office 365 migration tool, they came across Quadrotech and a key employee who is a trusted name in the industry. They ultimately decided to work with Quadrotech because of our guaranteed no hidden costs and managed service to completion. Additionally, the nature of the Archive Shuttle product made it stand out, operating exactly how they wanted it to work for this particular project.

“The product looked good, pre-sales were very knowledgeable in Enterprise Vault and their own product and they answered all my questions!” – Warwick Botwright, IT Manager and Project Lead

Botwright led the project from conception to completion, from searching for a migration partner, conducting interviews and ROI cost comparisons with several other companies, to scoping calls and working with install and migration schedules to completion.

As for project setup, from both technical and process perspectives, Botwright comments: “It was a very easy, simple install and setup technically, with easy to follow instructions for pre-reqs. The process was a very smooth, managed service, with excellent communication and fast responses to any issues.”

Some of their concerns prior to migration included:

• Disruption to users
• Mail going missing
• Duplicate emails
• Volume of data
• Mail being restored to the wrong folders
• Deleted emails being restored again

Quadrotech was able to mitigate all of these concerns and work together to help the Fresca Group overcome a few unique challenges that arose during the migration process. One such challenge was Read receipts being fired back to original messages for archived items which had never been read, but Quadrotech guided Fresca Group on how to use the transport rule to stop this from happening. Additionally, due to the extraction process, a couple of servers began running low on disk space, but Quadrotech advised on how to perform a manual action to remedy this.

“The migration was completed ahead of schedule; at 9:48pm on Christmas Eve, we received a mail from Colin confirming completion – how’s that for great service!” says Botwright.


With Quadrotech’s tools and managed delivery expertise, Fresca Group was able to successfully migrate all vaults back to original mailboxes in the same folders while removing old Enterprise Vault shortcuts across three independent Enterprise Vault systems. They achieved all of this ahead of schedule through a collaborative relationship with Quadrotech, and the help of the Archive Shuttle tool.

Not only is their organization saving on Vault maintenance, but some of the biggest overall benefits include the reduction of compute/storage on-premises, having all their users’ mail in one place, and no longer having to backup Vaults. For the IT administrators and managers, the real benefit was the reduction of the on-premises footprint and management of a legacy system. For end-users, the search of mailboxes improved, and they no longer had to call the helpdesk because they were unable to retrieve messages from vaults.

On his experience overall working with Quadrotech, Botwright says it was: “Very easy, very simple and a pleasure to be involved with. A fully managed service, invisible to all end users.”


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