Case Studies


Success story: Forum Partners Investment Management LLC


Industry: Investment Management

Company Description: Forum Partners is a global real estate investment and corporate finance firm with twelve offices across Europe, Asia, and North America. Our unrivaled sector knowledge combined with technical expertise creates distinctive investment opportunities for our clients across the world.

Product(s): Quadrotech’s advanced Reporting solution, including the Security & Audit module.

Forum Partners is a global real estate investment and asset management firm headquartered in London. As a company operating in a regulated industry, the IT and compliance teams are diligent when it comes to monitoring and securing their Office 365 cloud environment. However, Forum Partners was finding it quite time-consuming to run reports directly in Microsoft’s portal, and it was difficult to filter them so others could understand the output.

In search of an Office 365 reporting tool that was both easy to use, and created easy-to-read usage reports, Forum Partners discovered Quadrotech’s reporting solution. Since 2013, Forum Partners has relied on Quadrotech’s Office 365 reporting tool to supply its IT and compliance teams with straightforward Office 365 reports to meet their auditing and compliance needs.

Kaname Tanaka, Global IT Systems Manager at Forum Partners, is responsible for managing their Office 365 tenant.

“As the IT Systems Manager I use the license reports most often. These reports allow me to pinpoint the users who are not fully utilizing the various Office 365 components, and can help us identify any licensing discrepancies for inactive users such as former employees. By making sure users are fully utilizing the tools available to them, we’re able to maximize our Office 365 spend.

I often get requests from colleagues to pull and send the Quadrotech Office 365 mail traffic reports. These reports show the size and number of emails flowing in and out of our tenant, as well as the type of emails such as spam, malware, inbound, etc. I can create specific reports on spam and malware, distribution groups, and mail traffic by user for customizable time periods. The reports are extremely shareable to others in my department and company, which is essential for keeping my colleagues informed and meeting compliance regulations.

My favorite reporting feature is the easy-to-navigate tree. The user interface is clear and enables me to quickly pull the reports I need, saving countless hours. The support team is also extremely responsive, which is always a bonus when working in IT.”

Forum Partners recently found themselves in a situation where they needed to check on a former employee’s account and access. They added all of the Reporting modules, including the security and auditing product to their subscription to offer additional insights, and help save even more time.

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