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Reviewing Site Collection Administrators

Company information: 35,000 employees


Business Need

This customer was reviewing their SharePoint environment and assessing permissions within all Site Collections. As part of this project, they wanted to review the SharePoint Site Collection Administrators and needed a comprehensive list detailing all the sites and their primary administrators. As the customer had an extensive SharePoint environment, it would be very time consuming to do this using the Office 365 Admin portal, as this would require checking each Site individually to see the Administrator details.


In order to save time and effort, the customer decided to use Radar Reporting. Using the Site Collection Administrators Report, they were able to see all of the primary administrators for each site listed on one page. This list could then be exported and sent directly to all project stakeholders, so that everyone involved could review the information.


Using native solutions, the customer would have been restricted to using SharePoint Admins to gather all of the information, and they would then have to collate the list manually. In a large SharePoint estate, this process would have been a drain on both time and resources. With Radar Reporting , the report was generated quickly, and provided the team with the precise information that they needed in a couple of clicks. The solution also enables individuals who are not Office 365 Admins to be assigned access to specific reports, with a range of permission settings for security and privacy.

This meant that the relevant information was in the right hands in a shorter timeframe. As well as supporting with this specific Site Collections task, Radar Reporting was also used by the customer to help with their wider project of reviewing permissions within SharePoint. The team also used the SharePoint Permissions Report to identify any sites, libraries or lists that have unique, non-inherited permissions assigned. This extra insight meant that the entire project was completed ahead of schedule, and required a smaller team than they had originally planned for. Even though their project is complete, the organisation has continued to benefit from the range of reports within Radar Reporting, and use them regularly to monitor and optimise their entire estate.

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