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PST elimination and archiving for global financial services firm

60 TB PST | 6,500 USERS | EV

This global provider of financial service is a highly regulated organization. It made the decision to eliminate PST files from its entire business for compliance reasons, based on the fact that the cost and risks associated with the legal discovery of email on PST files were unsustainable.



• Legal discovery process unsustainable.

• 6,500 users in 6 countries in 3 continents.

• 67,000 PSTs included corrupted data and missing passwords.

• 60TB data, with the largest user almost 1TB.



• Quadrotech PST Flight Deck.

• De-duplication to reduce cost.

• Convert old ANSI formats.

• Identification and migration of all PST files to Enterprise Vault.



• Defensible migration and elimination of PST files.

• End-to-end tracking and helpdesk.

• Meets compliance and operational requirements.


The firm was unable to track whether it was accessing all data, and the process was very labor intensive. The situation was made worse as PST files were often password protected or corrupt, with no way of accessing the content.

Initially, the organization tried a manual approach to PST migration but struggled with the scale of the problem. The nature of its business meant that most PST files were password protected, but users did not know their passwords. Over time the number of and size of PST files had grown. Over 800 files over 20GB were discovered, with the largest at 39GB, all contributing to an increased level of corruption.

The complexity led to the selection of Quadrotech’s PST Flight Deck to automatically locate, centralize, prepare and ingest all files into three instances of Symantec’s Enterprise Vault running in datacenters on three continents. The company’s business involved working with other financial institutions worldwide. As such it was vital that the migration process was completely defensible as eDiscovery requests occurred on a frequent basis. The number one priority was end-to-end tracking of the process for every PST file from the initial location to final ingestion. PST Flight Deck was determined to be the best solution for this requirement.

The initial stage in the project involved using PST Flight Deck’s capability to locate the entire PST file estate. This identified about 6,500 users with a total of 60TB of data. The information allowed the client to scope the project and configure PST Flight Deck’s advanced centralization technology to avoid impacting live system operation.

The next step in the process was the preparation of the files for ingestion. PST Flight Deck’s ability to process PST files to remove passwords, but without cracking or storing them, meant the organization could avoid having to interact with users who had probably forgotten the password anyway. De-duplication was also very important. Over time PST files had been duplicated as users created additional backup copies. One user had over 300 PST files. Eliminating duplicate items reduced overall discovery costs.

One further consideration was an interface into the help desk. Inevitably a PST elimination project prompts queries from end users. Empowering help desk agents to deal directly with queries through a sophisticated dashboard meant faster resolution and lower impact to the organization.

It was only due to the automation and level of control supplied by PST Flight Deck that this project could be undertaken in the first place. As a result, the organization has now implemented a strategy through a defendable PST elimination project, allowing the Compliance Office to be certain it is able to meet its legal obligations.

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