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Optimising SharePoint Quota Usage with Quadrotech’s Reporting Solution

Company profile: More than 400 employees | Film and Media


Business Need

This company provides video and media to numerous companies around the country. They use SharePoint Online to manage collaboration between their design teams and external customers.

As the video files created for their customers are often very large, they have a process to move completed project files to cheaper cloud storage providers once they are no longer required. This process was often overlooked and the company found itself continually having to purchase more storage for SharePoint Online.


The customer implemented Quadrotech’s Reporting solution, specifically the Storage Reports to quickly and easily identify where storage was being consumed in SharePoint Online to find old projects that no longer need to be hosted on SharePoint Online.


The SharePoint Storage Report within Quadrotech’s Reporting tool allows administrators to drill down into their SharePoint Hierarchy to see which projects are consuming the most storage when these projects were last updated and who modified the files last.

Using this information, administrators are able to regularly identify projects which have been completed but are still consuming hundreds of gigabytes of the company’s SharePoint Online quota.

By staying on top of quota usage the IT department is able to save money by efficiently managing quotas, whilst ensuring that they are never obstructed from saving to SharePoint due to a lack of available storage.

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