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Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration for a large media organization

15,000 mailboxes | 500+ GB an hour

Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Headquarters: New York
Company Size: 80,000+ employees

President’s Day weekend was a busy one for Quadrotech and one of our clients, as we completed an ambitious Office 365 tenant to tenant migration that had many unique challenges.

Using our Office 365 reporting tool to help the client plan their project, it became clear there was a problem; grouping users into migration batches is always a challenge, but this tenant was particularly difficult.

Data Analytics for Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrations

For most, accurately pinpointing work teams is an immense challenge, but the analytics component of our Office 365 management software ensured processing this data was easy. However, for some organizations, this still makes batching (or grouping) users very difficult.

Ultimately, the splitting can come down to analyzing Excel or SQL data, organizational knowledge, and multiple cups of coffee. The results will vary based on how the company collaborates.

For smaller projects with a few waves and a relatively short timescale, the impact of separating teams won’t be as big of an issue, as the migration will complete in a matter of weeks. However, for large projects with multiple waves planned over the course of six months, this could lead to half-a-year of separation, which clearly isn’t an option.

This particular client had extreme cross-departmental collaboration, so the business simply couldn’t handle migrating users in batches over multiple weekends. After pouring over the data and offering guidance, we all agreed to do a ‘big bang’ cutover during President’s Day weekend. This was decided upon as it was a quiet period of business and the holiday allowed extra time.

Managed Migrations

For this to be successful, pre-sync and cutover had to be expertly monitored and executed. This is where our unique managed migration model – pairing our talented Operation Teams with our high-performance software – comes into play.

Tying this with the client’s focus, proper project management, and collaboration with specialized Microsoft support, the end result was highly successful.

The project had risk but was extremely well mitigated and controlled with buy-in throughout the organization. Our end-user communication templates helped to ensure a smooth transition.

The technical outcome? Thanks to the unique architecture of Cloud Commander, we hit our record hourly migration rate of 539.11 GB in one hour.

This was a fantastic milestone to hit, but the high performance wasn’t limited to a one-hour spike; we had 128 hours at over 400 GB an hour, with 43 hours above 500 GB an hour in pre-sync. We could have achieved more, but simply ran out of data to migrate.

The business outcome

The throughput of the product allowed for the data migration to stay on track with > 98% of users being migrated within the maintenance window, despite a sizable domain ejection delay. The only users not completed required some remediation effort from the customer.

15,000 users, one weekend, with nearly all users having 100% of their data in a weekend change window. All on a fixed price, fixed outcome basis.

High-performance software and high-performance operations. Both pair well with high-performing clients to break records.

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