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Migration of EU government ministry archive to Exchange 2013 and private cloud

50TB EV | 4,500 USERS | EXCHANGE 2013


  • Critical pilot project, pending migration of similar government archives.
  • Strict security required.
  • Needed to be transparent to users.


  • Quadrotech Archive Shuttle used on-premises.
  • Quadrotech AIP for Exchange 2013 ingestion.
  • Content splitting between archive and primary mailboxes.
  • Synchronization and switching of systems.


  • Successful migration of 50TB of data.
  • More than 4,500+ users migrated.
  • Chain of custody maintained throughout.
  • No interruption to users.

To improve security, management, and efficiency of critical email archives, this ministry within a government in the European Union (EU) made the strategic decision to migrate from its Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) system to a private Exchange 2013 cloud environment.

This was effectively a pilot project, as other government departments would use it as a model for future operations; its visibility meant there was no margin for error. The private cloud was hosted by the national telecommunications company, in which the state had a majority shareholding.

Strict security requirements meant the work involved coordinating three teams: the government’s migration team (run by a global services vendor); the telecommunications firm’s cloud specialists; and a Quadrotech’s strategic consulting partner. Quadrotech Archive Shuttle was installed on-premises to manage the extraction and migration process, and Quadrotech’s Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) was used to improve reliability and speed of ingestion into the Exchange environment.

The migration project had severe time constraints, as during the planning phase several security audits took longer than anticipated. Another problem was that, of the 50TB of source data, much related to staff who had since left the ministry or who had taken up positions in other government departments. For the archive to remain an accurate record, these ‘leavers’ had to be identified and migrated in ‘legal hold’ status. In total, over 4,500 users’ archives were safely migrated.

The project involved identifying and splitting data over two years old into an Exchange 2013 archive mailbox, with everything more recent forming part of the primary Exchange environment.

The whole migration needed to be transparent to users, so the move of primary and archive data was closely coordinated. When all data was in place in the cloud environment users were seamlessly switched to the new system.

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