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Measuring Skype for Business Adoption with Quadrotech’s Reporting Solution

Company information: 3,000 employees

Business Need

This customer had previously migrated to Office 365 for email and was therefore using Exchange Online only. As a result, they had become more comfortable with the notion of cloud based services and was rolling out Skype for Business across their organization.

To help the project team determine if this new technology was being used by the company’s employees, they needed a tool to measure adoption of Skype for Business.


Quadrotech’s Reporting solution, specifically the Skype for Business Reports, enabled the customer to get a detailed understanding of how Skype for Business was being used within the organization and to find any groups of users who were not taking advantage of the new product.

These reports were set up to be regularly emailed to project stakeholders automatically through Quadrotech’s Reporting Schedule Reports feature.


The Skype for Business Peer-To-Peer and Activity by User reports allowed the customer to not only identify who was or wasn’t using Skype, but also allowed them to see how Skype was being used by different parts of the organization.

The project team used this information to recruit a series of Skype Power Users to become champions of the technology within the organisation. Their experience was used to develop a series of case studies that were used in internal training sessions and distributed throughout the company in order to boost user knowledge, and drive Skype adoption.

After these training sessions had been delivered, the project team were able to gain further insight through Quadrotech’s Reporting historical reports. They used these to compare Skype for Business usage before and after the training, allowing them to gauge whether it was successful in driving an increase in adoption.

This great example shows that simply rolling out a new technology, without understanding how it is to be used, doesn’t always have the greatest impact. However, when you have the tools to measure and analyse usage patterns, you can identify areas where the technology is being used successfully, and replicate them in other parts of the business. This seemingly simple process can drive significant improvements to efficiency within an organization as a whole.

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