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Measuring Mail Traffic Statistics with Quadrotech Reporting

Company information: 85,000 employees


Business Need

A global organization with more than 80,000 employees was undertaking an initiative to review how employees used email within the organization to communicate with each other.

They hoped to identify if employee email usage patterns had changed since the organization had moved to cloud-based services.


Quadrotech’s Reporting tool was the ideal solution as it allowed non-Office 365 Administrator users to customize and generate their own reports, which were unique to their requirements without any involvement from IT staff.

The customer was also interested in finding a tool that could help them identify how these usage patterns continued to evolve in the future as they rolled out other Office 365 communication technologies such as Skype and OneDrive for Business.


Quadrotech’s Mail Traffic reports give users detailed insight into how much mail each employee in the organization is sending and receiving on a daily basis.

Quadrotech’s advaned reporting solution provides far more detail than the built-in Office 365 reporting capabilities and shows statistics broken down into categories such as the number of emails sent and received, the total and average size of these messages as well as how many of these emails went to internal vs external recipients.

The reports can also be filtered and organized to present information by city, department or country. This functionality helped the customer to gain a global perspective on how email usage patterns varied across different parts of the organization.

This customer will be able to continue using Quadrotech’s Reporting tool in the future to not only measure the adoption of the new Office 365 services they are rolling out, but also how the introduction of new services affects email usage. At the time of writing, Skype for Business is being rolled out company-wide, and the CIO hopes that email messages sent internally within the organization will decrease as employees adopt instant messaging instead of emails for quick peer to peer communication.

A similar exercise is planned for the future when OneDrive for Business is rolled out. Once again, the IT management team hope to measure a clear trend, showing the gradual decrease in internal message sizes against a subsequent increase in OneDrive for Business usage as employees choose to collaborate on large files over OneDrive rather than sending large email attachments.

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