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Managing Office 365 Licences with Quadrotech’s Reporting Solution

Company information: 7,500 employees


Business Need

As a way to monitor spend, and usage, a lot of organizations will bill their departments internally for the IT resources that are being used by each employee.

The Accounts department of this particular customer needed a way to identify who was using which Office 365 licence. They wanted to create easy reports that could be used to work out how much to charge each cost center for the services that they were using. As the IT department did not want to assign Office 365 Administrator access to the Accounts department in order to achieve this task, they needed to look beyond native reports.


The customer turned to Quadrotech’s Reporting solution, specifically the Licencing Reports, to allow Accounts department staff to build the reports they required, and consequently charge back the cost of the Office 365 services to each department. Accounts staff members were given Quadrotech Reporting accounts that gave them access to the Licencing Reports only. This meant that they could log in to the application, get the data they needed, but without possessing access to any other reporting information.


Quadrotech Reporting comes with a range of built-in Licencing Reports that are perfect for re-billing licence costs internally within an organization. This particular customer added each user’s internal cost center into a custom AD attribute object in their On-Premises Active Directory. This custom attribute was then synchronised via DirSync into Office 365, and in turn, was made available in Quadrotech’s Reporting filters.

This allows the Accounts team to create targeted Licencing Reports for each department, that can be automatically emailed out to the department heads on a regular basis. Not only does this enable the department heads to see how much they would be charged, but it also gives them the opportunity to make the IT department aware if there are any instances where the licensing is incorrect. This can happen if a staff member has left the company, but for some reason still has a user account on Office 365 with a licence assigned.

During the initial weeks of implementing Licencing Reports, the customer was able to identify several user accounts where the Office 365 licences was still being charged, even though the assigned individuals had left the organization.

They were able to make such a saving in this initial month that it more than covered the subscription to Quadrotech Reporting for the entire year.

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