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Partner Case Study: KiZAN provides end-to-end Office 365 solutions with Quadrotech archive and PST migration solutions

KiZAN leverages Quadrotech solutions to execute on-premises and cloud archive (Enterprise Vault, SourceOne etc.) migrations to Office 365 as well as PST migrations. KiZAN and Quadrotech have been working together for approximately 3 years.

Bill Rieger, KiZAN Practice Lead, and Nick Dishman, Sr. Director, Americas Channel Sales at Quadrotech, share insights on the KiZAN and Quadrotech partnership and shared successes.


How did the partnership develop? 

Rieger: “Being a full-service Microsoft provider, KiZAN was seeking assistance for our customers who had a need to migrate on-premises archiving solutions to Office 365. In addition, KiZAN was not happy with the performance and functionality of Microsoft’s Exchange PST Capture tool (now the PST Collection tool), and we needed a better solution for our customers.”

What were some of the influencing factors that helped shape the partnership?

Rieger: “KiZAN evaluated many solutions which perform similar tasks, and it was decided that between Archive Shuttle and PST Flight Deck, Quadrotech had the best options for our customers. The deep understanding of the source platforms by the Quadrotech engineers provided us with a very high level of confidence that Quadrotech could provide the same excellent service to our customers as we can in our respective areas of expertise. The agility and flexibility of how the KiZAN and Quadrotech teams engage with customers and execute projects made the partnership a perfect match.” 


What does the partnership enable? 

Rieger: “This partnership allows KiZAN to provide our customers with an exceptional end to end solution for our mail migration projects. In addition, it provides KiZAN the confidence that the activities which are outside our expertise are going to be executed in a manner which is efficient and complete, exceeding expectations of our customers.”

How do KiZAN and Quadrotech work together? 

Rieger: “From a Project Management perspective, KiZAN manages the bulk of projects. Depending on the project at hand, KiZAN and Quadrotech engage the appropriate Channel Managers and Account Executives from their respective organizations to ensure close customer engagement. With the appropriate individuals involved from both sides, we’re able to enhance the value to our customers.”


What has been the greatest achievement of the partnership?

Rieger: “KiZAN and Quadrotech have completed several projects together. One successful project was for a state government, where KiZAN and Quadrotech secured a large migration of Enterprise Vault to Office 365 enabling the customer to secure their archives in a safe and centralized location. The project also resulted in cost savings in hardware, administration, and licensing.”

KiZAN – A great fit for Quadrotech

Was there a specific need that led to the development of the partnership? 

Dishman: “Quadrotech transacts most of our business through channel partners and we are always open to new partnerships. Quadrotech’s portfolio was developed to complement partners who have a strong Microsoft practice and perform services related to Office 365. KiZAN represents a model partner for Quadrotech because they bring Exchange migration knowledge to the partnership, in addition to years of expertise with Office 365, which ultimately leaves our clients with a great overall experience.” 

What was Quadrotech’s specific interest in a partnership with KiZAN?

Dishman: “KiZAN is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with offices in Louisville, KY, and Cincinnati, OH. KiZAN provides services nationwide (and outside the US when required). Since they were named the very first Solution Provider Partner of the Year in 1995 to being named the 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year for the Heartland District, KiZAN is deeply invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. As the majority of our projects now include Office 365, KiZAN is a great fit to take the Quadrotech solutions and incorporate them into much larger initiatives for their clients.”

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