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Cloud-based archive migration to Office 365 using Microsoft Azure

20 TB EV | 2,000+ ACCOUNTS | OFFICE 365

This organization had a legacy Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) environment containing data relating to over 2,000 former employees. It was essential for legal and compliance purposes that this data remained discoverable and retrievable, but in its existing form, it was not compatible with the business’s planned move to Office 365.


  • Legacy data related to ‘leavers’ needed to be compliant, discoverable and retrievable.
  • Data had to be split between primary mailboxes and personal archives.
  • Enterprise Vault source and Office 365 target environments.


  • Managed migration service using cloud tool.
  • Azure used to host ingestion module.
  • Creation and shipping of virtual disks.


  • Successful migration of 20TB of data.
  • More than 2,000 ‘leavers’ accounts migrated.
  • Chain of custody maintained throughout.

The client selected Quadrotech to provide a managed migration service, using its Archive Shuttle cloud tool. To reduce the load on the legacy systems and to minimize throttling by Office 365.

Quadrotech worked with the client to set up the ingestion module on a standard Microsoft Azure A3 storage account. This allowed data to be extracted from EV and shipped as virtual hard disks, attached to Azure, from which the ingestion module could get the information into Office 365.

The process maintained full chain of custody, and rigorous checking of exported versus imported data ensured that its integrity was preserved.

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