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Success Story: Archive migration to support EV upgrade for Keepmoat


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Keepmoat is a £1billion company with over 80 years’ experience in community regeneration and housebuilding. It has a strong and extensive track record in social housing solutions, and the financial stability and capability to deliver on a national scale.


  • Consolidation and migration to upgraded EV environment.
  • Mail and journal archives.
  • Minimize unforeseen problems during upgrade.


  • Adept-tec consulting services.
  • Quadrotech Archive Shuttle used on-premises.


  • Successful migration of 20TB of data.
  • More than 4,000 mailbox archives migrated.
  • Chain of custody maintained throughout.

Keepmoat has 22 regional offices and employs over 3,000 people across the UK. Its specific areas of expertise include community regeneration, new build homes, responsive maintenance, retirement solutions, and sustainability.

Keepmoat recognized the need to consolidate and upgrade its Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) environments and engaged archive migration specialists Adept-tec to advise on the best solution. The options were reduced to either using native tools and to troubleshoot as needed, or to manage the whole process with Quadrotech’s Archive Shuttle. With the simplicity of migration a key consideration, Archive Shuttle’s built-in error checking and reporting were deciding factors.

Other benefits of using Archive Shuttle included the ability to handle large data volumes from mail and journal archives; ease of implementation and management; adaptable reporting (enabling the administrator to generate custom reports); filters to control what was migrated; and correct location of shortcuts at the end of the migration.

Mark Bowell, the technical architect at Keepmoat, said: “Archive Shuttle was best in class for our requirements. Coupled with Adept-tec support we knew we were in safe hands. At each stage, we were given impartial advice with our needs firmly at the center of the approach and strategy, along with in-depth explanations of how the technology was actually working.”


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