Reduce the business impact of email migration. Remove cost, eliminate risk and increase productivity with an on-time and on-budget email migration solution.

If there are two certain facts in business they are that email is the lifeblood of communication and that change is constant! Both these facts mean that email migration will be on the agenda now and always. It does not matter whether the email is in a live mailbox, a current or legacy archive or a PST file. At some point its location will need to change and without the right products and methodology to manage that change the impact will be costly.

In Quadrotech’s experience across thousands of email migration projects the primary reason for adoption include:


  • Storage infrastructure refreshes
  • Rollout of new desktops
  • Email archive architecture changes
  • Business restructuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Microsoft Exchange platform upgrades
  • Microsoft Office 365 adoption
  • Legacy email archive replacement
  • PST file elimination
  • Regulatory and eDiscovery cost reduction
  • Cloud email initiatives

In all of the above Quadrotech products will ensure the minimum impact to the business. The combination of scalable technology, trusted solutions, automation and rapid migration will deliver email migration projects on-time and on budget.

Just some of the ways in which Quadrotech manages the business impact of migration are:

  • Zero user downtime
  • Active bandwidth management to avoid operational slow-down
  • Full audit trails and chain-of-custody to ensure defensible migration
  • Reduced administration costs through the use of intuitive dashboards
  • Increase user productivity through item de-duplication
  • Cloud deployment options to reduce hardware requirements
  • Global partner network to guide the migration to success
  • Proven technology

Please explore our products to understand how they work, and what benefit they can bring.