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You’re not too late – Map, Manage, and Migrate

23 Jul 2019 by Emma Robinson

Watch our Office 365 Adoption and Management webcast with The Register

A couple of weeks back, Paul Robichaux sat down with Jon Collins from the Register to discuss Office 365 management – watch the on-demand session here. They talked about why some of the crucial benefits of cloud-first technologies (evergreen environment, automatic updates, ever-improving services, and features) can sometimes make management feel like an uphill battle.

Here are a couple of the challenges they walked through

Staying on top of new feature releases is a full-time job.
It’s very hard to keep up with the rate of change for a lot of reasons. Number one, there is a tonne of them, two, new feature/update communications are hit and miss, and three, you don’t have the option to say ‘no’ to updates. This leads to a semi-regular sneak surprise, consisting of ‘what is this new button in my workload, portal, user’s application?’ and ‘how do I manage it/ can I turn it off/ what does it do?’

If you are struggling to stay on top of what’s new, how do you reassure, educate, and manage your users’ experiences?
Change can be very disconcerting, particularly for those who are less comfortable with technology. Educating your users and promoting adoption can be a challenge when you are not in full control of release management. How do you, and your tools, stay ahead of the curve?

Adopt, adopt, adopt – why won’t you adopt?
It might be the buzzword of the moment, and the key to successful ROI, but adoption is really hard to achieve and measure intelligently. In this webinar, Paul gives a great car-based analogy to emphasize that the first step with adoption is education. Office 365 is a ‘shopping mall’ of applications, and shadow IT might crop up out of habit, preference, or excusable ignorance. In some situations, it really can be as simple as ‘I didn’t realize Office 365 could do X’.

Are you facing any of these issues in your new or not-so-new Office 365 tenant? You’re not too late, watch the on-demand session to get advice on the topics above, and so much more.

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