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You can now create multiple Dashboards in your Cogmotive Office 365 Reports account

23 Jun 2015 by Ian Byrne

With so many detailed reports of your Microsoft Office 365 environment to choose from, sometimes all you need is a general overview of how your users are behaving. The best way to do this is through custom dashboards in your Cogmotive Office 365 Reports account. Using different selections of widgets in each dashboard, you can display the most relevant information based on your own organisation’s needs.
An example may be that your organisation is particularly interested in various Mobile Devices statistics – Simply create a new dashboard, give it an appropriate name (such as Mobile Devices) and insert the relevant Mobile Devices widgets. You now have a general overview of how all of the mobile devices are behaving within your Microsoft Office 365 environment.
Mobile Devices Dashboard
This feature is available to all current Cogmotive Office 365 Reports customers – You can find more information on how to create and modify dashboards through this support article.