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Why is a name important?

12 Nov 2015 by Rob Wilcox

In a recent blog, Wayne Humphrey, Head of CET discussed tips for driving best practice in product support and explained how we are continually working to improve customer experience.

Our Customer Experience Team (CET) is like no other; we don’t operate in a silo but are actively involved with our products every day. We are responsible for operational management of our cloud products; involved in the QA and testing of new products, and produce and share knowledge base articles internally and externally. This gives us a unique insight into the business, which in turn enables us to provide top-level support to our customers.

But it’s not only this that makes a difference to the way we behave; we have a unique team culture built on a clear vision, teamwork, passion and fun. Our culture is what really sets us apart and makes QUADROtech a great place to work. Our CET members are so special they even have their own unique names, let me introduce you:



Nobuseri: AKA: Support Engineer. These are our entry level Ninja’s.  They learn fast, and are able to add value to the organisation within a very short space of time.  On some of the trickier issues or discussions they may be assisted by a more senior member of the team.



Ninja: AKA: Senior Support Engineer These are seasoned warriors. There is almost no issue that they can’t address, and they’re mentoring the more junior guys and adding value at all sorts of levels.



Sensei: AKA: Principal Support Engineer. These are the battle-hardened teachers of the organisation. They can twist and turn any problem or idea, and seek new levels of knowledge from what they see. They’re reviewing and refining our processes as well as training other team members in all aspects of customer experience.



Nukenin: AKA: Senior Quick Fix Engineer. A special breed of customer experience team member, this group is reasonable for squashing those pesky bugs that are encountered from time to time.



Sosai: AKA: The Boss. These are the leaders of the organisation. They’ll often be involved at multiple levels in a customer situation and manage the array of projects that the team work on outside of regular customer-facing tickets.


Some people may feel that these are the regular joe’s that we’ve always had in our organisation. But that’s definitely not the case. These are a new breed of people with new skills, and new QUADROPassion.

If you think this sounds like you, then take a look at our current vacancies and get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.