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What’s new in Autopilot? November 2018

22 Nov 2018 by Greg Jones

Here are some updates you’ll find in the latest version of Autopilot.

Streamlined authorization policy assignment and inheritance in Autopilot

We made some significant changes to how you create and edit authorization policies. We also added inheritance for policies.

Previously, authorization policies consisted of 5 tabs (see below).

Assignment in Autopilot

Customers said there was confusion about the purpose of the Assign to and Apply to tabs. And, in fact, Organizational units were also part of Apply to, just adding more confusion.

We redesigned the Assignment tabs (see below).

Delegate to

Now, you’ll find these options:

  • Delegate to: Set the user(s) or groups of the individuals to which you’ll delegate administrative rights. For example, if you want Bob to do X against Y. Bob is who you’ll Delegate to.
  • Managed objects: Set the objects the delegated admin has rights to. This could be a group or a virtual organizational unit (vOU), or other objects. For example, if you want Bob to do X against Y. Then Y is the Managed object.
  • Actions: This tab didn’t change. Use this tab to select tasks/actions you’re delegating.
  • Properties: This tab didn’t change. Use this tab to make granular changes to the delegated action.

Finally, within the Managed objects tab, we added the ability to have an authorization policy be inherited by lower level vOUs. This makes it easier to apply policies in more complex vOU structures.

Apply to child OUs

Removed admin users from dashboard’s Tenants graph

The Tenants graph found on the dashboard was redesigned. Previously, it showed the total number of users and administrators per tenant. There were multiple y axes, each with dynamic ranges. This was not a good representation of users to admins.

Here’s a look at the previous version of the graph:


We removed administrators from this graph, making it easier to understand. Here’s how the dashboard graph looks now:

Tenants users

You can still find the number of Autopilot admins by going to Admin > Roles.

Service Accounts now excluded from configuration policy updates

We identified service accounts Autopilot uses for tenant management and excluded them from updates via configuration policies. This will prevent service accounts from being enabled for Multi-Factor Authentication and breaking management tasks.

Added ability to set Automatic Replies on Users > Mailbox detail page

Previously, the Automatic Replies action was available on the User detail page only. Now, the action is available on both User detail and Mailbox detail pages. This change helps to further scale down policies, creating an even stronger least privilege admin model.

Want to see these updates come to life? This video shows you how to take advantage of the latest additions and enhancements.