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Week of Webinars – Deep Dive into Quadrotech Solutions

4 Oct 2018 by Becci Velzian

Next week we are taking a deep dive into all Quadrotech solutions, with a ‘Week of Webinars’.

For those of you who attended Microsoft Ignite, this is an opportunity to speak with our Product Owners again. Gain more clarity on our solutions and how they could benefit your project or organization. If you were too busy hopping from session to session, or didn’t make it to Ignite this year, here’s an exclusive chance to get advice directly from our experts.

During the webinars, our product specialists will present a variety of different scenarios and actual examples of how the Quadrotech solutions benefit organizations either by securely migrating data or creating a better, smarter Office 365.

At the end of the webinar, there will be time for the Product Owners to answer any questions you have. So, if you ran out of time at Ignite or want to probe a specific example, this is the perfect moment to ask. The nature of the webinar is very much an open discussion, where innovative ideas and examples will be introduced by attendees and product owners. This is perfect if you’re still in the discovery stages of what you need to enhance your Office 365 or tackle a specific data problem.

Meet the Team

You’re probably wondering, who is holding these webinars and how will their expertise benefit me? So, here’s a rundown of our Product Owners and their Quadrotech solutions.

Mike Weaver – Product Owner of PST Flight Deck, Cloud Commander and Mailbox Shuttle

    • Expert in anything and everything. He specializes in PST File management and eradication, cloud-to-cloud migration and mailbox migration
    • Watch Mike’s video here:

Greg Jones – Product Owner of Autopilot

  • Expert in Office 365 management and administration. Need to manage multiple tenants, automate on-boarding or helpdesk tasks, and delegate O365 access safely and securely? Greg’s your guy.
  • Watch Greg’s video here:

Jason Jacobo – Product Owner of Archive Shuttle

  • Expert in email archive migrations. Have you got a massive archive that you need to migrate? Jason can explain the precise challenges you might run into, and how and why our solution, Archive Shuttle, is fully equipped for the task.
  • Watch Jason’s video here:

Doug Davis – Product Owner of Radar Reporting

  • Expert in protecting and understanding Office 365 environments. Doug can show you how to see exactly what’s happening in your O365 tenant, and how you can draw actionable, business critical insights from the data that’s residing in there.
  • Watch Doug’s video here:

Dates to attend:

Monday 8th October: Email and Archive Migrations

Quadrotech Solutions Featured: Mailbox Shuttle & Archive Shuttle
15:30 BST / 10:30 EDT

Do you have data tied up in third-party archive systems that are costly to maintain and difficult to manage? Office 365 has many of the same archiving capabilities once only offered in specialty systems. Furthermore, centralizing your data makes work much easier for IT and end users. Some organizations attempt to move the data themselves. Without the appropriate expertise, manual migrations can result in data loss and long project timelines. Jason and Mike will discuss key features of Quadrotech solutions, Archive Shuttle and Mailbox Shuttle, and show how the two tools can be used in tandem to conduct quick, simple migrations to Office 365, or newer versions of Exchange.

Tuesday 9th October: Office 365 Management and Administration

Quadrotech Solution Featured: Autopilot
16:30 BST / 11:30 EDT

Greg will discuss how Autopilot can be cost and time effective for someone who is managing multiple tenants, potentially as a Cloud Service Provider or Managed Service Provider, or in an acquisition or merger, and is experiencing challenges managing different departments and business units. Through recognition of familiar ideas of hierarchical on-premises Active Directory Organizational Units and group policy objects within an Office 365 tenant, Autopilot has self-service capabilities to provide flexible, but secure management. Additionally, Greg will demonstrate how Autopilot enables you to manage multiple tenants through a single unified view, align roles with relevant business actions, run the helpdesk efficiently, whilst also monitoring and tracking these changes in Office 365.

Wednesday 10th October: Office 365 Cloud to Cloud Migration

Quadrotech Solution Featured: Cloud Commander
16:30 BST / 11:30 EDT

Many companies experience huge changes as they grow, such as mergers and acquisitions. Because of this, IT professionals are left with the challenge of migrating and consolidating Office 365 tenants natively in a very slow process. However, our Cloud Commander solution overcomes this by effectively managing the migration process quickly and intelligently, whilst also minimizing disturbance to end users. Mike will present different strategies to use Cloud Commander for fast and painless migrations using Azure. Finally, he’ll cover the workloads that Cloud Commander supports including OneDrive and Exchange Online.

Thursday 11th October: PST Discovery, Consolidation and Migration

Quadrotech Solution Featured: PST Flight Deck
15:30 BST / 10:30 EDT

Don’t miss this webinar if you want to “learn how to upgrade your PSTs to Office 365”, Mike will be offering advice on how to eliminate problematic PST files which have existed since the early 1990s. These files are becoming an increasing concern amongst larger organizations as they pose a threat to GDPR compliance. Due to their high insecurity and outdated format, PSTs are extremely susceptible to data leakage, easily accessible by hackers, highly corruptible and widely open to malware. In this live webinar, Mike will delve deeper into how you can increase the visibility across organizations and dispose or assign them securely in your Office 365.

Thursday 11th October: Office 365 Reporting, Security & Auditing

Quadrotech Solution Featured: Radar Reporting
16:30 BST / 11:30 EDT

Product Owner Doug Davis will demonstrate how Radar Reporting provides Office 365 reporting, auditing and analytics that show you exactly what’s happening in Office 365. For many users with multiple tenants, or a vast and complex environment, reporting using the built-in tools can be tiresome and limited. Many times these reports don’t show the full picture. Doug will discuss how Radar Reporting can identify problem areas, such as irregularities in the amount of spam or malware received to specific email. He’ll also show you how to save money on inactive users and unassigned licenses. Lastly, he’ll go over how to ensure mailboxes are secure by identifying mailboxes with non-standard permissions set.

Come learn about the latest and greatest updates on Quadrotech solutions. We hope to see you on one or all of our events next week! Register here.