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Webinar Today! Why Mailbox and Archive migrations are ‘Better Together’.

19 Sep 2017 by Mike Weaver

If you’re planning an archive migration, chances are you’ve got to move your mailboxes too. Coordinating the migrations of these two systems, keeping them in sync,and ensuring that no interdependencies are lost along the way is generally much easier said than done. Underestimating the intricacies involved can cause delays, obstacles, and impact the Chain of Custody, which must be maintained for compliance.

At Quadrotech, we don’t just believe in offering a solution that resolves the issues that arise when migrating Mailboxes and Archives simultaneously, our solutions actually unify the process between the two systems. With one workflow, and one user interface, you can implement consistency across your migration schedules, there is no ‘lost time’ between the mailbox move and the archive move. Finally, you don’t need to use tons of different scripts, and with the project contained within one workflow, you are able to have a user-centric focus, rather than a project-based one.

If you want to find out how you could make your Mailbox and Archive migration work together, for better results, seamless management, and flexibility when you need it, then make sure you join us for our webinar today. I will be co-hosting the session with Tony Sterling, VP of Client Services, and we will explore the migration process, options for customisation, key benefits, and some use cases.

Register here. If you’re interested but can’t make the session, register your details anyway as we will be sending the recording once the broadcast has taken place.