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Webinar: Office 365 Tenant Consolidation to Enable Collaborative Remote Learning

Nov 16, 2020 by Tristan Potter

Mike Weaver and Julian Stephan discuss how to consolidate Office 365 tenants

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Office 365 Tenant Consolidation: Enabling a Truly Collaborative Remote Learning Experience

This year has seen unprecedented change – particularly in Education, where there has been a dramatic shift towards diverse models of learning.

Remote learning is not a new concept, but the COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges. This learning is not asynchronous – as in, at the student’s own time and pace – but synchronous ­– occurring at a set date and time.

Collaboration between students and faculty is more important now than ever, but many Learning Management Systems (LMS) are not equipped to handle this. There is a pressing need to adapt. More importantly, these adaptations will impact the future of learning, as they create new opportunities for hybrid learning models, as discussed in this short video:

For Universities, this new synchronous hybrid model can attract high-quality students that need live collaboration for advanced topics, while minimizing the overheads of getting to campus. It presents better opportunities for students whose tuition is being paid for by their employers.

Companies want their high-value talent getting these degrees, but they also need to continue to perform the duties demanded by their roles. This will force many Universities to adapt to executive programs that move many of their sessions remote, with in-person sessions only a few times per semester. 

Consolidating Your Office 365 Tenants to Remove Collaboration Barriers

Previously, most universities operated within separate Office 365 tenants, with Faculty and Staff in one tenant, and Students in another. This setup allowed for more permissive policies in the Student tenant while protecting data more carefully in the Faculty tenant. However, the barriers inherent to cross-tenant collaboration have exposed this environment as unfit for the kind of remote learning experience now required.

Many universities are finding that they need to undertake a tenant to tenant migration to remove these barriers. The use of granular security options means that different user groups can still have differing levels of access while also meeting the drastic need that students and staff have to collaborate better.

Universities also need to remember that, increasingly, the words ‘student’ and ‘customer’ are becoming interchangeable. Attracting high-quality students means being able to offer a high-quality learning experience, whether in the classroom or remotely. More and more, this will only be possible through consolidating Office 365 tenants.

Still, this consolidation is not an easy project, presenting challenges at a time when budgets are tight and any loss of data or connectivity would be chaotic for all stakeholders.

We want to enable these necessary changes to improve learning and help universities overcome these challenges, which is why we’re hosting a webinar on the topic:

Office 365 Tenant Consolidation:
Enabling a Truly Collaborative Remote Learning Experience
Watch On-Demand

Aimed at IT professionals in the Education sector, as well as Managed Service Providers with clients in the Education space, this session will help you if you’re facing a consolidation project. The 30-minute webinar will guide you through the key considerations to help you prepare for cross-tenant migrations.

Hosted by Quadrotech’s Director of Enterprise Migrations, Mike Weaver, and Senior Delivery Consultant, Julian Stephan, the webinar covers:

  • How do tenant consolidations work?
  • How to do these projects on a budget
  • When is the right time to migrate?
  • What do you need to prepare your Students and Faculty for?

Mike and Julian recently consolidated 100,000 mailboxes for an American university, and they did so over a single weekend, so they know the exact steps you need to take and the ‘Gotchas!’ to avoid. All registrants will receive a link to the on-demand video recording, so please register here if you’d like to learn more.

If you’d like to discuss an Office 365 tenant consolidation project, please contact our expert team. We recently helped one organization merge 137 individual tenants into a single service, and we offer a ‘fixed cost, fixed outcome’ approach to help you master the Microsoft cloud.