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We have a shiny new website!

7 Jun 2018 by Heather Trevenna

No matter how you’ve landed here, in the couple of clicks it’s taken you to arrive, you’ll have probably seen exactly what this announcement is all about. We have a brand-new website! Not only is there a new look and feel, we’ve made some pretty big changes which we want to share. Allow me to take you through some of the highlights.

Lifecycle Video

One big addition is our new video. We often talk about our solution lifecycle; the way that Quadrotech can help you to and through the cloud – delivering ongoing value and insight. This video brings this lifecycle to life – showing you how our solutions can support your IT transformation projects, without posing interruptions to user productivity. Want to check out the video? It’s front and center on our new homepage!


Solution focus

We know that in a lot of cases (and particularly on the migration side of things), people come to us with a specific problem, scenario, or project.

Our new layout makes it easier to navigate to your specific solution interest. The Solution pages explore the problem, and its impact, with practical use cases, scenarios, and key business benefits, giving the option to dive into more technical detail as and when required.

Office 365 Knowledge Center, powered by Cogmotive

Since the Cogmotive acquisition in 2016, we’ve continued to ensure that the blog and resource center were regularly updated with useful, technical content ‘for IT pros in the know’.

With this website change, we were able to bring the Cogmotive blog and Office 365 resources over to the Quadrotech website, while maintaining the distinctive brand and identity that it has grown.

The Office 365 Knowledge Center will continue to release relevant how-to guides, white papers, webinars and eBooks, containing advice, tips and news on all things Office 365.

Don’t miss our most recent release: White paper – Handling email domains during an Office 365 tenant migration written by Microsoft MVP Steve Goodman (also make sure you check out his blog here).

Likewise, with the blog you’ll still see the same great content: industry news, Office 365 tips, and PowerShell scripts. Don’t worry, all the old favourites are all here too: create a shared calendar, create a shared contacts folder, dealing with terminated employees in Office 365

All that’s left is to take a look around. We hope you like what you see!