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View Mailboxes over Quota in Office 365

Jul 8, 2014 by Emma Robinson

You can now view all Exchange Online mailboxes that are over their quota using a new report within our Office 365 Reporting software.

Mailbox Over Quota Report

Mailbox Over Quota Report

This report shows you all your Office 365 mailboxes that are over their Send and Receive quota within your Exchange Online environment. This includes user mailboxes as well as Shared, Room and Resource mailboxes.
The graph above the report gives you a visual indication of how big each mailbox is in relation to it’s quota. You can toggle the different quotas on and off on the chart by clicking the items in legend below it.
The blue bar represents the mailbox size and the other colours represent the various types of quota:

  1. Warning Quota: The user receives an email alerting them that their mailbox is approaching the maximum size limit.
  2. Prohibit Send Quota: The user cannot send new messages until enough email is deleted to bring the mailbox below the size limit.
  3. Prohibit Send/Receive Quota: The user cannot send or receive any messages until enough mail is deleted to bring the mailbox below the size limit. Any person sending mail to this user will receive an NDR.

As usual, this report can be filtered to show only certain sets of mailboxes over quota. Some common examples include:

  1. Shared Mailboxes only
  2. Mailboxes belonging to users of a particular department or business unit
  3. Mailboxes over a certain size only

You can also save any modifications that you make to the report and email it out to various users on an automatically scheduled basis.