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Users and Mailbox Growth Reports

11 Oct 2012 by emma.robinson

Whilst chatting to some of our users recently we kept hearing the same request – How can we see how many Office 365 mailboxes and users we’ve added or lost over time?
Well, we’ve put together a couple of new reports for you that show exactly that. It’s great to monitor the progress of an Office 365 Migration or to help you identify growth trends.

Recipient Count by Type

The Office 365 recipient by type report shows you a high level overview of the number of each type of recipient you have in your Office 365 environment. This could be anything from:

  • Users
  • Mail Enabled Users
  • Mailboxes
  • Room Mailboxes
  • Equipment Mailboxes

Recipient Count by Type

As usual, you can apply filters to the report if you want a more specific set of data. In this example we want to see the number of mailboxes in our Singapore office.

Recipient by Type with Filter

Historical Office 365 Recipient Count

We also offer you a view of your Office 365 tenant growth over time. The Historical Office 365 Recipient Count Report shows a graph of each recipient type and how they have changed over the past month.

Recipients Types Over Time

In our example, like many other companies, there are far more mailboxes than any other recipient type which makes the graph kind of hard to read. It’s pretty easy to fix up though, simply click on the UserMailbox label in the legend and this will turn off that object making the rest of the items much easier to read.

Recipients over Time with Filter

Let us know in the comments below what you think of our new reports!