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User Interaction

19 Sep 2014 by Andrew Barnes

As PST Migrations involves important end-user data, many companies see a need to involve the end-user at some point during the process. Due to the strict privacy laws in some countries, the user’s buy-in I can be legally required. With PST FlightDeck, it is now possible to automate this process and make sure users are prepared for the upcoming PST migration.

This includes:

  • Sending email notifications with links to web-based training and policy management
  • Resending of mails until the user successfully logs-in and completes the workflow
  • Online training for end-users, explaining the changes in the Outlook client and the impacts of the corporate retention policies
  • Display a customizable “E-Mail archiving and retention policy” that the user has to accept or decline
  • Follow up “Declines” or Help requests

In many companies, PST files are the most important information repository for power users and knowledge workers. Often those employees manage their own PST environment by creating backup copies, moving private data to separate PSTs or sharing data with co-workers utilizing Outlook personal folders. 

PST FlightDeck optionally adds an end-user work flow which enables the user to select the relevant PSTs, authorize the migration, and optionally delete backup-copies or PSTs that contain private information or data not suitable for corporate retention (eg jokes, newsletters).

It is possible with PST FlightDeck to perform one last backup of PST files which a user marks for deletion, before the files are actually deleted.