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Archive Shuttle: Use cases

2 Jul 2014 by

Archive Shuttle Use Cases

Scenario 1: Migration of user archives between sites

Most large enterprises have employees who re-locate between different company offices. Often this change is permanent or at least a long-term situation, which requires the user’s personal mail archive to be transferred.
Instead of doing a manual export and import, Archive Shuttle allows to schedule the physical data migration and to carry it out over night without any administration intervention.

Scenario 2: “Spin-off” of business units into separate entities

In our ever changing corporate world, it has become a standard task to split out parts of the company into completely separate units. But how is this best handled in large archiving projects?
Archive Shuttle helps easily select Acive Directory groups and users that will be transferred to the new unit and to automatically move their data to the new companies’ Enterprise Vault installation, providing a seamless transitioning for everyone.

Scenario 3: Acquisition of companies which use Enterprise Vault

When both companies use Enterprise Vault, Archive Shuttle can integrate both installations into a single installation, no matter what Enterprise Vault versions the two companies are using, and independent of the Enterprise Vault configuration.

Scenario 4: Consolidating dispersed Enterprise Vault installations into a single directory

Because of bandwidth limitations, many companies have deployed Enterprise Vault with separate directories per site. As a result the users are only authenticated at their site and managed in separate Enterprise Vault installations. Today, with network bandwidth increasing all the time, Quadrotech Archive Shuttle is the ideal solution for companies who want to consolidate their multi-site install to a single, centrally managed Enterprise Vault system.

Scenario 5: Re-Implementing Enterprise Vault with a completely redesigned architecture

Let’s be honest: Sometimes the decisions which were done a few years ago did not work out as we expected – and that’s especially true when it comes to implementing software. Instead of deploying further updates and re-configuring everything while users are actively using the system, Archive Shuttle has a better approach.

A new Enterprise Vault system can be configured according to best practise. Checks and tests can be carried out on the new system carefully and once it performs as expected users can be moved from the old implementation to the brand-new setup.

Why do “open heart surgery” reconfiguring your old system in a production environment, when Archive Shuttle can acomplish this from scratch?

Scenario 6: Removing Enterprise Vault and replacing it with native Microsoft Exchange Archiving capabilities

For some companies, the current Microsoft Exchange Archiving capabilities are “good enough”, and the company does not want to carry on with Enterprise Vault Archiving.
Archive Shuttle is able to export the Enterprise Vault archived data directly into Exchange, either into the primary or the secondary (Archive-)Mailbox. And for those customers wishing to move data to Office 365 Archive Shuttle can natively do that too! There is even the capability to export to PST file which can be used by many different archiving vendors to ingest to alternative archiving solutions.