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Upload files to Sharepoint Document Library with Files to Go

20 Jun 2012 by Emma Robinson

A fellow Office 365 user I know had some trouble recently when trying to migrate over 2,000 files from a local file share to a new Office 365 Sharepoint document library. It seemed that any small hiccup in the network caused the whole thing to drop out and he had to start all over again. Eventually they got their files up there but I was convinced there had to be a better way, so I started Googling.
Turns out that there is a better way and it’s called Files to Go, a Sharepoint Online file migration tool created by the lads over at Thinkscape. Unfortunately I discovered it too late to help out my friend, but I thought I’d give it a test run on my own anyway.
I downloaded the trial and fired it up. My intention was to migrate a small collection of test files up to a Test Document library I created in our team site. I put together a mix of text files, Word Documents, PDFs and executable files to see how it would go. The whole thing was quite easy really.
When I opened the application it asked me to select my target Sharepoint site and authenticate against it.

Selecting the target Sharepoint Site

The application then showed me a list of my document libraries and asked me which one I wanted to put my documents into.

Selecting the Target Document Library

Finally, it asked me to select the folder that I wanted to upload.

Selecting the Source folder

Before uploading any files, the application analysed the content to make sure it was all Sharepoint Compatible.

Analysing Files

Not surprisingly, it didn’t like my 500MB Exchange 2010 SP1 executable file. The application created a handy CSV file explaining why certain files could not be uploaded to Sharepoint. This would be handy in an environment with tens of thousands of files.
Error - The size of the file 547,526,952 bytes exceeds the maximum 250 MB permitted by Office 365
And off we went!

Uploading files

Thinkscape claim that the application handles Temporary Network Interruptions, which I thought I would test by pulling the network cable out of my laptop. It seems to retry the files two to three times and then moves onto the next one.

Retrying files due to Network Issues

I wasn’t too happy with this as I thought it would end up with me missing half the files in Sharepoint when the process finished. The same concern was raised by the results screen once the process had finished.

Results after failed attempts

So here I am, with 4 files in my Document Library and the rest still on my file server. I thought I would run it through again to see if it would pick up where it left off or cause duplicate files to be added to my document library. I ran through the same steps again (Which was as simple as clicking Next Next Next) and to my great relief it detected which files had already been synchronised and only uploaded those that were missing!

Results after successful attempts

Brilliant, perfect result! At the end of it you also get another CSV file showing you the results of the synchronisation.
This tool makes a normal cumbersome job quite simple and accurate, good work Thinkscape.