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Updating Cogmotive Service Account

10 Sep 2012 by Dan Rose

This article has been specifically written for customers of Cogmotive Reports.
When you log into the portal you will see a banner page saying that you do not have the correct permissions to view your licensing information. In order to correct this we need to elevate the rights for the Cogmotive Reports Service Account. These new access permissions remain read-only. This new role is called the “Service administrator” role and more information about the permissions it allows can be found at this Microsoft Help Article.
In order to connect to MS Online you need to make sure you have the Microsoft Online Service Module installed. if you have then you can go ahead an fire up a Powershell session, otherwise you will need to do is download and install either the 32bit or 64bit
To connect to your Office 365 environment copy and paste the following 2 commands into the window and press enter, make sure that you login with your admin account.
Import-Module MSOnline
Connect-MsolService -Credential $cred

To elevate the permission for your service account, type the following into the window and hit return.
Add-MSOLRoleMember –RoleName “Service Support Administrator” –RoleMemberEmailAddress
Make sure that you put in the correct domain part for the Service Account. If you are not sure of the service account name you can find this in Microsoft Online Portal under Users.

Cogmotive Service Account

Cogmotive Service Account

Once Cogmotive have re-scanned you tenant you will be able to see all of the your licensing information.