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Upcoming Webinar: Working with the new Exchange Cmdlets v2.0

15 May 2020 by becci velzian

Working with the new Exchange Cmdlets

It’s back by popular demand, join MVPs Vasil Michev & Paul Robichaux for a hands-on session on the new Exchange Cmdlets announced at Microsoft Ignite 2019. During the webinar, you will receive expert insight on the new features, a live demonstration of them in action, and a critical comparison of what’s improved and missing still.

This webinar is unmissable for any admin working with Exchange or on a migration project with a large number of users. You can expect to learn how to enhance the capabilities of your migration scripts and workflow and overcome the tumultuous long processes.

Working with the new Exchange Cmdlets v2.0

Co-hosted by Vasil Michev & Paul Robichaux

Thursday, 21 May | 11:00 ET | 16:00 BST

Get an on-demand recording of the webinar here.

Why the need for new Exchange Cmdlets?

Before these were rolled out, many of you were facing complex issues with the previous module. Any Exchange admin working in a larger environment would have experienced the tedious task of having to collect data from a lot of mailbox properties, or potentially modify them, or roll out new settings altogether.

In addition to this, you’d find yourself running long cmdlets and at some point, they would eventually terminate. This mostly occurred when you were running against the Exchange Online service. A typical scenario would involve you running the cmdlet and getting 500,000 objects back, but then after a certain period of time, you would then experience the termination which really decelerated the process.

This was a nightmare if you had set up a PowerShell session and one of your servers died, resulting in the session being broken. In this case, you’d have to re-establish everything and go through the MFA process again. Here, if you had the wrong landing sessions, it would use OWA for connecting the authentication. However, the OWA token is only valid for one hour, and after you’ve experienced a termination, it’s more than likely going to re-establish this, which was an exasperating process and ultimately avoidable.

What do the new Exchange Cmdlets do?

Fortunately, Microsoft has addressed these issues in the latest module. The new Exchange Cmdlets have received a new lease of life in terms of performance.

Firstly, the architecture in the new module is significantly better because it’s going to be stateless. You’ll also notice developments sets with the cmdlets features in the properties and property which are exclusively in this release.

Also, a feature that is particularly valuable to an admin embarking on an Office 365 migration project is you can now process a high number of mailboxes and objects, modify them accordingly and query their properties. Overall for completely your daily admin tasks, these are a lot more efficient to work with.

What you will learn in the webinar

In the webinar you can expect:

  • A rundown of the competences with the new REST-based cmdlets
  • Fresh scenarios you can use the cmdlets in with Exchange Online
  • Live demonstration drawing comparisons with old cmdlets and alternative options
  • A thorough evaluation of the new cmdlets, practiced advice on their application, and a deep dive of areas for improvement

Not one to miss right?

Working with the new Exchange Cmdlets v2.0

Co-hosted by Vasil Michev & Paul Robichaux

Thursday, 21 May | 11:00 ET | 16:00 BST

Get an on-demand recording of the webinar here.

If you can’t make it – sign up anyway and we’ll send you an on-demand recording.