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Upcoming Webinar: Why should you use Microsoft Stream?

Nov 23, 2016 by Emma Robinson

Register for our upcoming webinar here: ‘New ways to work with Office 365 – Present with Sway or Build a Stream
Microsoft Stream and Office Sway are new services aimed to modernise the way your business communicates and presents itself. They’ll provide you with easy video management and advanced presentation tools to deliver compelling content.
Our webinar will take a look at how both technologies can be put to work. In this brief blog we’ll take a quick look at what to expect from Microsoft Stream.
‘YouTube for Business’
You may have seen our first look at Stream when it was released for Preview in July. Back then, we noted how easy it was to use. If you’ve ever uploaded and managed any videos on YouTube, all the concepts will be familiar, although Stream has a much more modern, streamlined interface
Stream will eventually replace Office 365 Video, so why has Microsoft decided to start from scratch with a new product? Well, Stream will be available to non-Office 365 users, following a simple sign-up process – all you’ll need is a work email address; email addresses from consumer email services or telecommunications providers aren’t supported. It’s clear that Microsoft wants to encourage rapid adoption of its video service, and it regards this as the best approach to meet this aim.
Existing Office 365 Video users will be transitioned to Stream in due course, and Microsoft has promised easy migration with no need to retrain users.
Stream’s business features
Microsoft has been gradually rolling out features for Stream since the preview announcement. It’s private and secure, which is ideal for corporate use, you can also invite co-workers to use Stream, making it easy for everyone to sign up, and share comments.
A major announcement last week was around a new rich set of admin capabilities to make sure your Stream rollout is managed effectively. These allow you to:

Feedback from the preview is being immediately channelled into new features, such as user requests to be able to create custom channel covers.
Join us as we take a closer look at Stream
We think Stream is going to have a major impact on the way organisations interact. For the first time, it will be easy to share video internally within a corporate environment – as all content can be controlled, and all shared content can be managed through one secure central service.
In our upcoming webinar, we’ll walk you through the product, highlight its unique capabilities, and explore use cases.
Register here, and join us on Tuesday December 6 at 1pm EST to find out about ways to work with Sway and Stream.
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