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Upcoming Webinar: What is a ‘Sway’?

Nov 29, 2016 by Emma Robinson

View the webinar here: ‘New ways to work with Office 365 – Present with Sway or Build a Stream
Office Sway and Microsoft Stream are new services aimed to modernise the way your business communicates and presents itself. They’ll provide you with advanced presentation tools and easy video management to deliver compelling content.
Our webinar will take a look at how both technologies can be put to work. In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at Office Sway.
What is Sway?
Chances are most of us have used PowerPoint at some point. It’s a comprehensive presentation solution that is tailored to a live audience with a presenter, however due to sheer amount of functionality available, it can sometimes feel a little too much for certain purposes. Office Sway, by comparison, is a more contemporary, lightweight concept for sharing content quickly and clearly on screen using a web browser.
Sway is ideal for creating tutorials, ‘stories’ and interactive reports in a modern way with a professional gloss. ‘Sways’ can be easily shared or embedded in websites and are automatically backed up to the cloud.
Sway in corporate environments
Whether you’re using Sway in your organisation or using the consumer version, there’s no noticeable difference in user experience. However, in corporate environments, Office 365 Admins have administrative control over the service, using the admin centre.
Admins can enable or disable Sway in your organisation, as well as set specific permissions for individual users. You can also allow or block what content sources can be in a Sway, and enable or disable external sharing of Sway. This means that you can prevent confidential information held in a Sway from being shared accidentally with third parties.
Latest features
Sway has been generally available for over a year now, and during 2016 there have been a number features improvements in response to user feedback. For example, Sways  go into a recycle bin from which they can be recovered if accidentally deleted, and an add-in for the PC version of OneNote automatically generates a Sway presentation based on the content of the user’s notes (providing similar functionality to Evernote).
Using Sway
Microsoft has deliberately made Sway free of charge to anyone with a Microsoft account. It’s available on the web, as a native Windows 10 app, and in versions for iOS and Chrome OS. It’s clear that Microsoft intends making Sway an easy-to-use cross-platform tool, available anywhere, on any device, and its collaboration features make it easy for multiple users to co-author content.
With Sway you can add content (text, images and multimedia) from a variety of sources. Using the online version of Sway, for example, there’s an option to import an existing Word, PowerPoint or PDF document. This means that you can upload a Word or PowerPoint document directly into Sway, and the headings, text and media are automatically assigned to relevant cards and sections.
You can also embed live sources, such as Google Maps or Twitter feeds in a Sway.
Join us to learn about Sway
Sway has the potential to make it easier for organisations to collaborate and share information. Our webinar will walk you through the tool, highlight its unique capabilities, and evaluate whether it can be considered a true contender for the titan that is PowerPoint.
View the webinar here.
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