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Upcoming webinar: The Investigative Toolkit for Shared PSTs

13 Jul 2017 by emma.robinson

This webinar has now taken place, but don’t worry you can listen to the recording here: ‘The Investigative Toolkit for Shared PSTs’ – July 20, 2017
Despite PST files being created over two decades ago, people still continue to use them today. Back in the days of restricted mailboxes and expensive storage, users could free up storage space by simply dragging and dropping files into PST files instead of deleting them. In the Modern IT World, this is no longer a good way to free up space and store data; we now know that PST files are outdated, unstable, vulnerable to corruption, and are causing huge problems for organisation’s wanting to start migration projects.
For organisations that want to migrate their data to Office 365, PST files are a huge obstacle. After so many years of PST file usage, users who favour the file format have accumulated so many PSTs that they struggle to identify who these files belong to, where they come from, or whether they even need them! Beyond PST files stored on users’ workstations, home drives, local devices, and USBs, the bigger problem is often spread throughout the entire organisation in the form of shared PST files.
Shared PST files are found in locations on a shared network. These locations can be accessed by multiple users, be it departmental, project or group shared areas. Users like storing files in these areas because it allows them to share information, but the practice can lead to a number of different problems. It’s also important to know that PST files weren’t even created as a solution for shared storage! In fact, Microsoft actively advises organisations against storing PST files on networks, and network stored PST files have been unsupported since Exchange 4.0 (which was released in 1996!).
As you can see this problem needs to be tackled from multiple angles: organisations must begin to assess what data they have, what needs to be migrated, what doesn’t need to be migrated and most importantly, where should it all go? The key to this challenge is to make sure your investigation presents knowledge that supports your decision making, and in our webinar, we’re excited to be giving you the best advice on how to ensure your investigation is a success.
What to expect
We’ll begin with a brief history of PST files, then dive straight into where you can find PST files and what problems they create. We’ll then discuss how to deal with your PST data and give explanations on several different target types. If you’ve ever struggled to find the owners of PST files, or wondered which individual PST files should go to which target, then this webinar is for you!
Listen to the webinar to learn:

  • Where PST files are found and why they end up in certain locations
  • How to deal with old, active and shared PST files
  • Which target destinations are best for your PST files
  • How to trace ownership of PST files using specific parameters

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