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Upcoming Webinar: How to manage your Office 365 environment with Cogmotive and Nuvolex

3 Mar 2016 by Emma Robinson

Office 365 is one of the hottest things to hit IT in years, becoming one of the dominant solutions for organisations looking to move their infrastructure to the Cloud.
With benefits like speed, collaboration and scalability, it is clear why cloud adoption is ever-increasing amongst small and large organisations alike. In fact, IDC research predicts that by 2020 there will be no ‘clouds’ as we now know them, whether ‘public’ or ‘private’; it will not be a service to choose or move to: it will be simply the new way that business is done, and how IT is provisioned.
Worldwide cloud domination within four years is certainly a bold claim. But as we all know, technology moves so fast that even short term change is unpredictable, and often unimaginable. Equally, IDC’s fundamental vision is mirrored throughout the IT industry, with Microsoft emphasising its ‘cloud first’ mantra not only through words, but also their product and service offerings.
Office 365 is a testament to their cloud dedication, Microsoft are constantly innovating, developing and refining the technology behind the platform. While their focus is on features and functionality, some important administrative tasks within IT and systems management are yet to be optimised. For this, they look to ISVs to offer core management functionality, or to enhance it. There are two crucial ways to maximise the benefits of Office 365. Firstly, through gaining sufficient visibility into elements such as service adoption, usage, and security, and secondly, by having the proper management framework to support the system.
Do you feel like you are lacking the visibility you need to manage your organisation’s IT? Are you unsure about how to achieve sufficient control of your Office 365 environment?
If so, sign up for our upcoming webinar, and get the answers you need!
Join us next week for our webinar on Office 365 management, hosted by Cogmotive and Nuvolex, and we will show you the best ways to manage and understand your Office 365 environment. We will be focusing on how both solutions work collaboratively, through a ‘discover and manage’ approach, in order to provide comprehensive visibility and control.
Interested, but want to understand how this could make your life easier? Here’s a sample scenario:
Discover and Manage: Licence Subscriptions
Company XYZ’s IT department suspects they are paying for unnecessary Office 365 subscriptions. They want to know exactly which Office 365 subscription each user currently has, and if all of the services they’re licensed for are being used. Depending on these results they also want to be able to make adjustments.
Discover with Reports
A quick, scalable ‘Licence by User’ report from Cogmotive will provide a comprehensive data set, showing a breakdown of licence data by user, this can be viewed by Office 365 licence plan and all the specific products assigned or disabled for users within their organization.
Licence by User
Manage Based on Results
Based on report findings, XYZ’s IT department can now switch over to Nuvolex, and make any modifications or edits to user information and licence assignments. It’s also possible to manage large volumes of Office 365 users simultaneously, so if a whole department has the wrong subscription this can be changed quickly and easily.
Nuvolex 1
Hosted by Cogmotive’s Doug Davis and Josh Keefer from Nuvolex, the webinar will show you how to optimise your Office 365 environment with comprehensive Reporting and Management tools, providing a technical overview on the benefits of combining Cogmotive and Nuvolex. Join us on the 9th March 2016 at 1pm EST and watch live demonstrations of both products, as well as a comparison with native tools. We’ll provide you with everything you need to know in order to fully understand and manage your Office 365 environment.
Sign up, or find out more here
Want to give Cogmotive reports a go before you tune in? Check out our reporting capabilities using our demo, or see what we can show you about your environment by taking a free trial.