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Upcoming Twitter Chat: Yammer vs Teams Smackdown

27 Jun 2017 by emma.robinson

Cogmotive will be hosting a Twitter Chat on Thursday, July 6th at 8pm ET.
What’s a Twitter Chat? 
A Twitter Chat is a live conversation joined together by one hashtag, enabling you to follow and participate in the discussion. As long as you use the hashtag, everyone else involved will be able to see what you have to say.
The topic of our twitter chat is a part of a wider discussion that is often divisive in the Office 365 community: what’s your communication/collaboration tool of choice? In this chat, we’ll be looking at Yammer vs. Teams.
Which tool will come out on top?
Yammer is the ‘older’ contender, having been introduced into Office 365 early in 2016, and while it gets a lots of criticism, a lot of organisations rely on it for company-wide communication, or inter-departmental collaboration.
In the other corner you have the newcomer (launched for general availability in March this year): Microsoft Teams. With its chat-based approach, and countless integration options, Teams provides a thoroughly modern way to work together. Want to find out more about Teams before the chat? You can read up on it in these blogs about the launch, and enabling the service, as well as comparisons to other productivity tools.
We’ll be exploring different aspects and capabilities of Yammer and Microsoft Teams to see which one ‘prevails’. You can check out the questions we’ll be delving into below:
Yammer vs Teams Smackdown

  1. What was the deciding factor between using Yammer or Teams?
  2. In your opinion, can and should Yammer co-exist with Teams?
  3. What are your best practices for managing Microsoft’s different communication apps/features?
  4. How have you dealt with user push-back to use one platform over the other?
  5. In your opinion, what are the best features of each platform?
  6. what features would you like to see in each platform?

So, which ‘team’ are you on?
We hope you’ll join the discussion next week. Follow along at #O365AdminChat.
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