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Upcoming Azure Logic Apps Webinar

27 Nov 2018 by Mike Weaver

Azure Logic Apps

Microsoft released Azure Logic Apps in February 2016 as they recognized a need for more collaboration in Office 365. Logic Apps is a robust workflow and automation app inside the Microsoft Azure which enables you to integrate apps, data systems, and services across your organization. If you’re an organization using the cloud and or on-premises it can be challenging writing automation to work across multiple applications, Azure Logic Apps has over 200 connectors which can simplify this for you. Read more here on what the tool does.

Logic Apps hasn’t had the strongest adoption, which is a real shame. At Quadrotech, our focus has been enhancing streamlined integration across our products and services.  However, in many of our migration projects, the data move is only part of the process alongside management, reporting, and security.  This is where the power of Microsoft Logic Apps comes in because it consolidates and automates these different stages

For those that are new to Logic Apps, I think you will be very surprised at how easy it is to get started. If you have access to training services like LinkedIn Learning, there are a lot of detailed guides and courses online to help you get started.

For me, the biggest enjoyment has been the huge amount of ‘Out Of Box’ items that come with the service.  The default templates are very powerful and can help you with all sorts of business and personal process improvement.  One of my personal favorites is the Twitter feature, which allows me to monitor the posts I am really interested in.

So why is it worth the mention here on the Quadrotech blog, other than it being a totally cool technology? The simpler answer is: Cloud Commander supports it. Which is a bonus as this allows us to get much farther reach into migration workflows. For years, we have been using our own custom script engine inside Mailbox Shuttle to execute all sorts of custom PowerShell scripts for mail migrations. Azure Logic Apps uses the same concept but goes way beyond it.

If the API or connector exists it can now be part of the Migration Workflow. With over 200 connectors, this is a very long list! You can find the full list here: If you don’t see what you want listed here, do not panic! You can create your own, or work with your vendor to create one. You will be surprised how many options exist when you start looking at the APIs that other products provide.

Has the MAD problem – Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures got you down? Or do you have a complex migration need?  Get in touch with us here to discuss how our smart, fast cloud migration solution can help you.

If you want to find out more about how Azure Logic Apps can enhance your cloud migration process, and any other automation you may have, sign up for my webinar here. If you can’t make it, sign up anyway and we’ll send you a recording.

Date: November 29th

Time: 5:30-6:30 PM GMT/ 12:30-1:30 PM EST